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Mind/ Emotion Integration   
Is Your Mind Telling You The Truth?   
Online Class beginning October 29th 2017
This 8 week course brings you into the awareness of how your thoughts work with your emotions and the vibration of your soul to create the life you are living. As we begin to understand the mind, in relation to our Chakras we can then recreate our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to shift our lives to a place of well-being. Health and self-healing encompass all areas of our life from physical healing to relationships, money, career, and spirituality. You will learn that you are Divine Perfection, able to heal yourself, and create more joy, love, peace and prosperity just by creating new ideas, setting goals, and releasing stress and unhappiness. This program will bring you to a new understanding of meditation, how energy and vibration work, building affirmations, as well as how to use color, gemstones, and essential oils to shift the energy and vibration in your everyday world.

The workbook "Is Your Mind Telling You the Truth?" is included with charts, questionnaires, explanations, and the beginnings of "I'm a Happier Me" journal to guide you through the rest of your life. Make 2018 your best year ever!!

Reiki Levels I, II and Master
Classes being held in various locations
Wondering if Reiki is right for you? Learn about energy, and gain a greater understanding of this ancient healing art. If it feels right for you, accept the attunement for Level I and begin healing family, friends, pets and plants. You will be given the steps for self healing, as well as hand placements for healing others. Most importantly you will understand how to read the energy of other living things. With this knowledge you can clear space, and fill it with a higher vibration of health. All participants will receive a copy of "Life Force & You", a Reiki manual by Julie Melville.

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