Monday, April 11, 2016

On Reiki, Miracles, Healing and Dreams

And so continues my Reiki Life. I often ask what life would be like now, if I had not taken that first class, or the second or stepped up as a Reiki Master.

The more I focus on Reiki working in my life, the more I realize how much there is we do not know about energy, and how it changes our metabolism, hormone balance, broken bones, and other upsets in our physical bodies. How does it recognize illness before it attaches to our physical body? How does its gentle flow heal a broken heart? How does it bring prosperity?

Do we need to how?

As I sit with the names (and some pictures) of those who have requested distant healing twice a week, I often find myself skeptical that it is even worth my time. Then a message comes from someone on the list who is now well enough to be removed, and many asking me to add loved ones. (I only add with permission from each individual) So even beyond my skepticism the Universe works through me to bring another into balance. How cool is that?

The more classes I hold and the more I speak with people about this wonderful healing system, I begin to see and feel Reiki is more than a modality, it becomes our life, guides our life and even molds or controls our decisions, actions, words and thoughts. But only if we let it.

Like raising several children, Reiki can be taught by the same person, and yet so many variations result. Each individual brings to Reiki a different perception, a different vibration, a different intention and Reiki returns to each individual with resonating vibration. Many have taken their first level and returned to their lives somewhat or unseemingly touched. They will say it made no difference in their lives or their lives seemed worse. To the first I ask, the same as I ask myself daily, "What would my life be like now had I not stumbled into that first level?" To the second, we must realize our lives will often seem worse when we make steps to alter our current path. The falling away is a simple process the Universe uses to make room for bigger and better things, taking away the distractions and opposing vibrations so we can take on something new. For everyone I believe the perfect Reiki energy plants the seeds within you, to be for you what you need at all times in your life.

At times I wonder if people think I am pushy about my belief in Universal Control and Guidance. It is my passion. I have seen how when we turn within and ask for help, so much good comes piling in on us. I guess I want that for everyone. Even now, though I live a happy comfortable life, I keep looking for ways to create more love, joy and peace in the world. So yes, sometimes I seem pushy, but it comes from a place of love. No matter where we are on the path, stopping or becoming complacent shifts everyone into a stagnant or downward spiral. We do not continue our studies because we think we are not yet good enough; we continue them because the more we learn, the more we want to learn, and the more we realize we know nothing, yet. We also keep learning to stay in an upward vibration which brings all of the world into an upward vibration. Maybe someday, if enough of us keep gathering together we will know peace and prosperity for all. I hope so.

Whether the energy is Reiki, another spiritual practice or a belief in a practical application of intention combined with love, it doesn't seem to matter, our lives can be shifted in an instant. That I see as a miracle and it is the miracles which keep me wondering, practicing, learning and sharing. But is it me pushing towards the miracle or is the miracle pushing me?

Reiki has become a lifestyle for me, though I know I still have much work to do before I have perfected all of the principles on a 100% basis. I think no matter what we choose as our path, we will always strive to be perfect, but no where do the principles or practice say perfection is a requirement. Even the Reiki Prayer says, "Just For Today". And it seems to me, that even when we only give 10% Reiki will step in to do whatever has to be done to give us a boost, give healing, peace, and joy.

As I return to my studies on herbology and shamanic practices, I find myself wondering, "Am I integrating Reiki into these studies, or is Reiki integrating me into the studies and practices, ceremonies, crafting and ritual?" Do we create our desires or is there a Higher Power, who sees our interests, skills and abilities, that creates It's dream within us, asking us to express the dreams and goals within It?

Do you have a dream or a desire you are not sure where it came from? I often ask myself, "Whose idea is this anyway?" The answer that comes is always, "Does it matter?" "Do it anyway."

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Knowing Doesn't Matter

There has been so much power flowing into life these past few months. Some see it as chaos, others see it as the destruction of the old to make way for the new. Others, especially those who love change and challenge are in their glory.

It becomes so clear, as we watch the reactions to this new and wonderful transformation of life, that perception is key, our belief systems hold the answers to our questions.

The New Moon this past week brought many insights and dreams. Many were so metaphorical, I am still processing, though I know the understanding will come in time. One, however, was very clear and I was instructed to share it.

Whenever there is something important I need to see or understand, eagle comes to me in meditation or dream time. He gently spreads his wings and offers to take me above the fray so I can see more clearly, the bigger picture of a situation. I pull back when eagle wants to take me beyond the limitations of this galaxy. Though I am willing to see our earthly realm from a deeper, wider perspective, willing to travel to the Akashic Field to access new ideas and understandings, I have not been ready or willing to go beyond the beyond.

As I climbed on eagle's back, spanning my arms across his wing span, I got a sense this was not going to our usual tour of relaxation and reassurance. As we took off from our place on the beach, I noticed that it was not the usual gentle breeze, clearing my mind, but rather a strong gale, making me fearful we would not get off the ground.

Once we were above the wind force, I suddenly realized all I thought I knew was gone. When I tried to think there was nothing I knew, at least nothing I felt sure I knew. Confusion settled into a gentle peace and for the first time in a long time, it was okay to know nothing. All of my beliefs were replaced with simple love, light.....

As usual we passed over my childhood - the farm where I grew up learning about nature, plants, the stars, the clouds and people. This time however I had no recollection of my beliefs or judgements of any of it. There was just a sense that all of this had brought me to this time on eagle's wings, seeing the world differently, without judgement or expectation.  Tears of joy began streaming down my face and falling toward the earth, creating a rainbow. I found myself focused on this rainbow, feeling as though it was my creation, finding myself feeling proud of my accomplishment.

I was so intent on what I thought I had created that I did not notice eagle had passed our usual landing point until I saw it in the distance. I called for eagle to return. With a chuckle he said, "If you had not been so busy fluffing your own feathers, you would have seen where you were going." Such humility befell me, I could only hold on and reach out for trust and faith in where I was being taking, against my will.

I watched as we approached a narrow portal and wondered how we would ever pass through. Yet I felt the strength of eagle passing through me and in awe I felt myself surrendering to this force much greater than I could ever be. I closed my eyes for just a moment and when I opened them, we had moved from the earthly realm to a place so familiar I could not help but feel at home. Eagle landed and let me slide off his back and sit in what seemed mid-air and yet I felt supported. I also felt protection and a love I had never felt before. I looked around and found the stars of my youth, but brighter, more clear and could feel the warmth they offered. Clouds drifted by with messages, animals and ideas, much as I noticed as a child, but in this space they offered hope and laughter more profound than I had known. Throughout my childhood and even as a mom, I often saw dragons in the clouds and I would holler to the wind (and my daughter) "fear not for I'm a dragon slayer". This time I did not feel the need to slay the dragon. As she approached with fire blazing I opened up, allowing her flame to burn the remnants of painful memories away. I felt such gratitude for her presence. I felt the moonlight, cooling the flames and pulling all resistance from my body and my mind.

As the sun began to rise, the colors overwhelmed my senses and the heat seemed to be dissolving me, melting away all parts of who I thought I was. I looked for eagle, wanting to leave before I could no longer breathe. And then, all panic left. All there was, was light. Light so gentle, yet filled with colors we cannot paint.

And from this place I heard a quiet voice, "Ask, Thy Will Be Done for it is then you shall receive." "No longer be afraid to travel where you do not know, for here there is so much to learn, and nothing you learn will matter anyway." "All you need is given you, and all you need is love."

I do not know if eagle brought me home......

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Possibilities have NO LIMITS

These past few weeks I have spent pondering abundance, forgiveness, the ego, being happy when the world around me seems to be falling apart.....

What right have I to feel so much peace and bliss?

My heart breaks as I sense and see so much pain in others. It seems so easy to move into a space of joy, yet there are many who cannot seem to find this place where all is well and possibilities abound.

I ask myself if I have closed my heart, and yet I feel their pain, so no, I believe in my capacity to love, without judgement or conditions. Yet there is an impatience within me, where I just want everyone to be happy, to feel blessed, to understand the Miracle of Life.

If I could create this Miracle I would feel complete. It has been my quest since the age of 13 to bring joy into the world. Admittedly, I have often fallen over the cliff and found myself in depths of despair, greater than can be explained in this short blog. As I look back on those days when I was miserable, bringing many with me, I see it was all part of the plan to bring me back to where I am today - HAPPY FOR NO REASON or at least no logical reason.

Now, in meditation, I can see there is never a logical reason for living in joy. Joy does not come to us because we think it should, it comes because we know we are loved, protected, cared for, and blessed by something greater than logic. Miracles abound when we lose our sense of logic and open up to a world of nature, and natural progression.

Peace settles upon us when we no longer feel a need to compete or be better, faster, smarter, prettier - when we can come to a sense of who we truly are. As I wrote in "Don't Change For Heaven's Sake" when we start living from our Core Essence, we begin to acknowledge a Greater Force working in and through us, guiding us around obstacles and through the misty nights.

We must only be aware of the ego still fighting to be in control, telling us we are unworthy, in danger, alone, and dying. Quiet that little voice, keeping you up at night, worrying for your future. Your future is in good hands, if you will only open your heart to your Source of All Miracles.

Abundance surrounds you. Look at the sky, the trees, the grass, the birds. They are the abundance, and so are you. Feel it within you. You are filled with an abundance of ideas and inspiration if you will let go of the need to be logical. Your heart is overflowing with love, if you will let go of expectation and judgement. You have within you the Energy of Creation, where everything you could ever imagine is waiting for you to do just that. Bring it into your thoughts, move it into your heart, down into your solar plexus, then take the action required to bring it into the world.

Life is just waiting for you to choose between living in fear through the ego or living in joy through the expression of Source. It is the biggest choice you will ever make. At first it seems as though life is getting harder, as so much begins to fall away. You feel like you are losing. But stay with the course, keep your faith on a Greater Power at work, all that is taken is what is holding you back, keeping you stuck, stealing your joy. Let go, keeping your thoughts and emotions on the ideas you have for peace, love and joy. After the cleansing process you will begin to notice the sun shines a little brighter each day, there is a difference in the way you feel, you are less triggered by external events, and before long you will be waking up looking forward to what each day might bring.

And even though I wish this bliss for everyone, I am beginning to understand there are those who have found pain to be more valuable than joy, those who would not know how to live from a place of trust and faith. They are here to remind us, "there go I, but for the Grace of God". No one can be forced into happiness, it is a path we must choose, and to get there we must be prepare for seeming loss and even greater pain, until we understand there was never anything to fear, and nothing real can be taken from us or lost. Our choice must be to allow the Expression of Creator to move through us and in that moment everything but a love for life will remain. In that instant a blanket of protection drapes over us, and all there is, is joy.

At the core of your being, everything you desire is waiting .........