Friday, August 28, 2009

Money Is Not The Problem

If money you are having concerns about money I ask you to think about whether money is the real challenge. What is your greatest fear if the money doesn't arrive on time, or if you are currently unemployed?

Know that whatever underlying fear exists is the real block to your receiving your good. When you sit in prayer or intent, this is what you need to work on, so the money can come into your life. Simply asking for money without knowing the truth will leave you empty handed. Even if the money comes, you will be asking again and again until you face the fear that created the problem in the first place.

So is the greater fear that you will be homeless, or hungry? This might suggest that you have security issues. What has happened in your life that leaves you feeling that you are not safe, protected and taken care of? Dig deep, find the memory and then pour love into this part of yourself. Then turn the fear and the need for security over to your Higher Self. Ask to be shown ways that prove you are able, through the Activity of your Higher Self, to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Feel a time in your life when you felt secure and carry this feeling in your heart. If you can't find the feeling ask your Higher Self to show you what this feels like. Thank your ego for showing you the truth of your money issue and work with your True Essence to solve the problem.

Perhaps the feeling that comes to mind is humiliation or self-disgust at getting yourself into a bind in the first place. Now it is time to thank the ego for making the block clear to you, then forgive yourself for the error in judgement. Sit with your Higher Self, work through what went wrong, and the adjustments that need to be made. Release the error, the guilt and the debt to True Essence, and ask for direct guidance in "making all things new again"

Our worries are not usually what we think they are. And while Law of Attraction takes us on a whirlwind of Affirmations and feeling as if everything is the way we want, it cannot stick with us until we work things out with the Higher Power within us. Spirit wants us to have all the gifts, but they cannot come to us except through a clear channel of Love and Light. Until we know ourselves, and present the truth, the attraction is just as phony as the feelings that put it there.

For lasting Blessings in your life, look not to the material world, but rather to the storehouse of the Gifts of Spirit - within You.

Take the 30 day challenge to get in touch with the feelings of truth and Love of Spirit. Here is the true place of remembering you are an Abundant being. or

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are You Ready to Really Live ?

Are you tired of the day to day turmoil and struggle? Would you like to see improvements in your health, relationships and finances? Are you ready to be happy, healthy and wealthy?

Connectioning with your True Essence is the greatest healing and manifesting tool offered to us. "It" has been there since the beginning of time. We have just forgotten, or do You remember?

How would it feel if you could just let go, release, surrender and give up all of your conflict, worries, troubles, anger, guilt, blame, dis-ease and sorrow?

You can. We were all given that provision at birth. In truth, it is our Life Purpose, no matter what else we strive to do in our lives. In fact, in terms of Law Of Attraction and Manifestation of our desires, the only way you can create the life of your dreams, is by living in conscious expression of your True Essence (Higher Consciousness).

Not sure how to do this or where to start? Reading, Meditating, Journalling and Gratitude are the best starters. For more information check out the following websites: or

Blessings to All

In "Don't Change For Heaven's Sake" I talk about clearing the slate and living from a place of love, forgiveness and harmlessness. These are the keys to connection. You also connect in meditation, through giving unconditionally to others, and in your daily creation of a more peaceful world. We connect so easily but continue to be unaware of the connection. It is the unawareness that gets up into "trouble", in the first place.

Many of you think that in giving up your "stuff", you are not taking responsibility for your life. That is not true. You still maintain responsibility for your actions, but in giving them up to a Higher Power, you are able to resolve the issues without creating more of the same. It has been said that we cannot solve the problem with the same mind that created the problem, so giving it up, releasing it allows the situation to resolve itself in love. Does that sound good to you?

Now, this is not to say that you can go about creating havoc, and harm, then release it to a Higher Power and be set free of consequences. You are still accountable for your thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

Living in Connection is seeking the answers, asking the questions, listening, being aware of the choices between love and greed or power (with a little p) and Power that allows us to do and be more in the world.

Connecting with your True Essence is essential to living a life of pure peace and love.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Regular Meditation Leads to A Life of Joy

We are always looking for more happiness, freedom, abundance, love ...... Yet we never seem to take time to use the tools that create just that. Our lives are so busy, working harder to make more money, to have more time to spend doing what we love - a never ending spiral in downward motion.

When I suggest that someone wake 15 minutes earlier and spend quiet time in meditation, I see the resistance. If I suggest they take 15 minutes of their lunch hour, I see the same reaction. So what do you really want?

I have found that taking just 15 - 20 minutes per day, in meditation, affirmation and/or intention that I am more productive, and much more at peace with life going on around me.

Meditation is not difficult, just somewhat confusing. You first start out hearing all the thoughts going on in your head and you feel you are not relaxing. But it is the thoughts going on your head that you need to hear and it is the feelings that come from those thoughts that you need to resolve. So thoughts are ok - use them to clear the areas in your life that are begging for your attention. As you listen to your thoughts, taking the information they provide it gives you the guidance you need to release feelings and patterns that are not serving you. Over time as you deal with these thoughts, you will begin to feel the clarity of thought, and at times no thought. Here you find peace.

So meditation on occasion is not as useful as regular, daily meditation. It is not a "quick fix", but it will become a permanent fix.

My purpose in setting up "Meditate for Heaven's Sake" was to encourage you and make it easy for you to develop the habit of meditating daily.


Are you ready to start? The sooner you begin, the sooner your life becomes more balanced, peaceful and prosperous.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Power Within

This past few weeks has been about tearing away the layers of stuff, created over years of trying to be understanding, caring, compassionate, gentle and kind.

I agree that these are important in living a life of peace, joy and love, yet at some point we have to realize that in seeing only the Divine with others, we blind ourselves to ways in which we are abused by those who sense we will just continue to forgive.

To live for Heaven's Sake is not about letting others hurt you, and just forgiving. At some point act with the practical side of your nature. Talk to them about their behavior, give constructive ideas about releasing that part of them that creates hurtful behavior, but at some point when you have given all you have - Walk Away.

Then go through the process of releasing them from your life, with forgiveness and love.

Also realize when you have given your power away, even to spirituality. Many, including myself have to remind ourselves occassionally, that by wrapping ourselves in the blanket of the Divine, we become ungrounded, prey to users and abusers. It is important to ground each day. It is also important to note that when you release the unfolding of your life and dreams, that you are releasing them to your Christ Self. Asking for Universal help, does not include giving them all the power. That is a right that should only be given to the God Within.

Food for thought. Comments please