Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Become an Empty Vessel

Can you allow yourself to become empty? Can you allow yourself to release everything, the good, the bad, the hopes, and fears? Can you simply give it all up and ask Spirit to fill you back up with all you were created to be? Ask to be erased of all social and family programming, and be restored to your personal blueprint.

Sit quietly with pen and paper or your laptop. Take a few deep breaths and as thoughts of things, people, ideas, worries, dreams, fears, hopes, wishes, place, events, and circumstances come into your mind, write them out saying "I release this to Spirit" "I become an empty vessel ready to be filled with who I AM."

This process works well with house cleaning and clearing. You probably know the feeling of sadness as you choose to give up some of your treasures, even though they no longer suit your home or environment. As you put them in a give away bag, or garage sale, there is a twinge of regret. Do you also know the feeling of finally clearing space of garbage and broken junk, worn out and no longer useable? It feels good to finally throw the broken pieces in the trash. As you look around your uncluttered space, can you feel the sense of freedom and expansion? It is like you have a larger home.

Clearing your internal house creates the same expansion and freedom.  Often it is harder to find the mental and emotional garbage. We seem to store the internal junk in a much deeper place than even the worn out christmas ornaments. Why is it so hard to let go of even the biggest hurts, and deepest pain? Do you notice you can more easily release your joy, hopes and dreams, than release your disappointments, jealousy and anger?

Strange how we find security in painful memories and history filled with ideas of loss and suffering. Some people would rather give up their brand new bedroom suite, than donate a piece of furniture reminding them of an unhappy relationship. Too often we give up marvelous opportunities, in order to hold on to the fear of failure, or perhaps the familiarity of that failure. We know the outcome, so there is less fear in staying stuck, just as there is familiarity in the worn out sofa purchased with our first spouse.

If you have ever had children, or are thinking about having children, ask yourself why. This may require some humor, especially for those of us who have finally raised our children and know the good and bad, the joy and pain accompanying the growing years.

Do you remember how you thought about the idea? Did you plan on having children so they could have a miserable life and create even more misery in yours? Did you plan to have children to inflict pain on suffering?

Why do you allow yourself to think your parents had you in order to give you the opportunity to be unhappy? An even deeper question - Why do you think you were created by Spirit? Do you really think your creator, wanted to express depression, pain and illness through you?

Look around at the never ending blue sky (it is still a deep clear blue above the clouds). See the lush green of the trees and grass, and even the abundance of clover, dandelions. Feel the gentle warmth of the sun on your skin, the gentle breeze. Open yourself up to the high energy of a thunder storm. Watch as the rain clears the dust and grime from the leaves of the plants outside your door. Even in the destruction Mother Nature occasionally unleashes, we find new growth and new beauty. There is never anything destroyed that is not replaced with even more beauty than before. Is there any part of you that can honestly say you believe you were created to live in lack, when all you see is the abundance and beauty of creation? Can any of you say you would create another being to live in lack of any kind? I think not.

So what if you created the internal storm, washing away both what you believe is good and bad? What if you allowed yourself to be free of anything and everything that is now, so that you could be refilled without prejudice or judgment of old worn out beliefs and memories? Wouldn't it feel amazing to let go of the heart break? If you give it a chance it will feel even better to be rid of what you think makes you happy, and find bliss and peace instead.

Try it - it may take several days, weeks, perhaps even months, but clear out the trash and treasure possessions deep within and on the surface. Make room and space for renovation and restoration. Give yourself permission to trust the Source of your Creation, the Source of your Supply. Just as you choose to give your children everything you can to provide them with all the love and support they need, your original Creator chooses the same for you.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Remembering Who You Are & Why You Are Here

I have been sitting with the workbook, considering how I can present the material each week, so participants can really feel the blessing of life. As I ponder the material I realize there are three things I would hope to have everyone walk away from the 8 week program knowing in their hearts:

We put too much stress on ourselves, trying to be what society has decided we need to be. We put too much stress on the need to control ourselves, our lives, our circumstances. We live in fear that if we don't meet the expectations of our loved ones, we will lose them, if we do not perform exactly according to the standard of our bosses, we will be unemployed, if we don't give our children everything they want, they will hate us...... Before we know it we have forgotten who we really are.

Then we go for help in sorting out the mess and we are told - well change this or that and everything will work out. In a short time we notice that yes, things have changed, but we still haven't lost the fear or need to be accepted and appreciated by others. We are still unhappy.

We turn again for help and we are told - forgive yourself - and at once we take on the acceptance that we are the cause of all the problems. We beat ourselves up for all the mistakes and errors of our past and remember our parents telling us all the things that made us fearful of rejection in the past. We may not remember them all, but our subconscious does, and our ego just loves to remind us. And in the admission of asking ourselves for forgiveness we enforce within ourselves the idea or belief that we are bad people - you can add your own label here.

Instead of forgiving yourself, why not just start loving yourself? Why not say to yourself, I made a mistake, I could have chosen something different. I accept what I did, understanding that there was a lesson to be learned for all parties involved. In the same way you let go of the little hurts your children cause you, continuing to love them unconditionally, can you not do the same for yourself? Can you not give yourself a hug, agree to remember the lesson, and carry on knowing you can make a different choice next time a similar situation arises?

We were created to be an expression of Spirit. There were certain lessons, and ideals we agreed to work on for the expression of our Creator. Like being an actor, taking a part, we chose a role, to assist our soul in growing and loving unconditionally. In order to learn the lesson, accept the belief there are certain scenarios that must take place, in one form or another. So, even as you act in ways that are less than perfect, you are merely playing the role in a movie you contracted to play. The best way to have a happy ending is to accept, release and love your way through the bad times.

I often feel I am a character in a video game, moving from level to level, dodging the obstacles, moving debris out of the way, sidestepping the bad guy and racing for a finish line. It is exhausting, creates sleepless nights, and causes all kinds of aches and pains in my physical body. Ever feel that way?

I end the game when I take time to breathe, to realize, I can let go of the need to struggle and fight my way through life. I can breathe, relax and allow Spirit to guide me. As I do I feel the flow, and transcend each level in peace, joy and love. Ahhhhh ..... how much better I feel.

You are not broken. You have been programmed with a lot of harmful, self-destructive beliefs. You are programmed to believe you are not good enough, and you must continually change and fix yourself until you meet a certain standard - and the bar keeps raising, leaving you feeling even less than the perfection you truly are. As we learn what these beliefs are and reprogram our self conscious, our world begins to shift and change - it is not us who are changing, only the world around us. We become more as we were created - pure, divine love. Our body stops revolting against the stress we have caused it. Our minds become more clear, and the thoughts more peaceful. Those things we desire for our lives begin to magically appear.

Once again we remember the perfection we knew at the time of our conception, and even at our birth. Wouldn't it be nice to understand how to take responsibility for your life, to create the peace, joy health and prosperity you dream of, without the need to rigidly control all the circumstances, knowing there is an energy doing the work for you, if you are willing to let go and get out of the way?

There is, and when I give myself permission, to just be me, I find pure health, bliss, and abundance are all around me and within me.

Are you willing and ready to let go and receive?