Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Are Your Plans for 2010

This is a repost from December 2007. Goal setting, planning and intention for success are all part of an ongoing process, that keeps our dreams alive. May 2010 be your best year ever.

Have you made your plans for the coming year? Set your goal? Now is the time.

Each year at this time I consider those ideas, and plans that I have not accomplished in the current year. I ask “Are they still valid? Do they belong on this years dream board? Why have I not moved towards completion of the undone projects? (Fear, disinterest, procrastination??) Do I need to rework the idea, or perhaps meditate on the faith I am putting into the project?”

As I mentioned in previous posts it is important at this time of year, especially, to begin clearing clutter from your physical space, as well as your mental and emotional space. Well now is also the time to clear the clutter on your to do lists, your goal cards, and dream boards. Take the goals, dreams and wishes that are no longer valid (carefully consider what you are ready to let go) and erase them from the picture. That leaves room to really focus on the ideas that are important to you.

If you have never set goals on paper or created visual aids to track your progress and give your mind some visual stimulation, today is the day to begin. Goals left only in the thought process are merely dreams.

Goal setting is not a 10 minute process, like a New Year’s Resolution. Really choosing how you want to create your life takes time, thought and feeling. Before you write down “I want” or I will” take some time to consider how you want to feel, how your desires will benefit others, why you want to accomplish certain things. Are these accompishments true desires or are they “I know I shoulds”? Shoulds seldom work out very well. In order to create the life you choose to live, the goals must come from your heart, not your head.

Here is a suggestion for those who have never formally put a goal and action plan in place:
Begin by finding quiet space where you will not be disturbed for an hour or so. Grab a pen and paper. Take a few moments to quiet your mind, then allow your thoughts to tune into what you want from life (notice I did not say what I want in life), and what you want to give to life.
Begin to write out the thoughts and ideas as they come. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling or any other writing skills at this time - just write what is pouring out of your thoughts and your heart - feelings, things, work, family, relationships, health.

How do you want to be feeling? Is there a health issue you want to improve? Are there actions you want to take? Do you have a special talent you are ready to share with the world or want to prepare to share? Want material possessions would you like to have? How much money would you like to earn? Is it time to focus on family and friends - to have better relationships? Are you thinking of taking a fabulous vacation?

Write, Write, Write. When you have exhausted the supply of ideas, take the paper and tuck it away for 24 hours.

The following day, find that same quiet place, bring a fresh sheet of paper, and perhaps a nice cup of tea. I like to have at least 3 marker colors or crayons on hand. Get really comfortable and read your previous days wish list. As you read through highlight or circle those that really stand out. I circle the ones that create passion within me in red, the ones that give a feeling of abundance in green, and those that I think “why did I write that?” in blue. There may me things on the list that leave you feeling indifferent. Those I leave alone. They are probably not worth considering further. But keep this paper - there is a reason you wrote them down and you may want to come back to it in the future.

Begin a list of the those circled in red, then a list of the green, then blue. Split the page down the middle so the ideas are on the left and you have room to comment on the right.

Take another look at the list and if anything stands out for you on the lists make a note. You may have ideas to start formulating a plan, questions about why you would deserve this is your life, feelings of fear that you cannot accomplish a certain idea, how this idea will benefit others, someone who can help with your project…. Make these notes in the left column. Then put the list away for at least another 24 hours.

Come back to your list (allow at least another hour) Take another look at it, and consider time frames for accomplishment - are these short term goals, or long term goals? Do some of the ideas fit together to create a bigger picture. Take the feeling items and place them with the accomplishment items. Do some of your travel plans work in with work goals?

Beside each item place an S beside the short term goals (things you want or want to accomplish within a few weeks or a couple of months) and M beside those that you would like to see come about within the next 6 - 8 months and an L beside those you want to see within 9 months to 2 years. At this point don’t put specific dates, you are still in the thought process - brainstorming with yourself.

When doubts arise or thoughts of what others will think, stop yourself and set the number one goal “I am now ready to live a life that is satisfying and joyous, for the highest good of all, and I am grateful for the manifestation of my desires” As long as your goals do not beat another down, or hurt anyone else, don’t worry about how selfish someone might think you are, or how impossible others might see your dreams. This is your plan - not theirs. You may choose to only speak of these goals with supportive, like minded people. (In fact I recommend it)

If you have been lucky enough to plan to spend an entire day working with your goals, then carry on at this point. For those who can only spend an hour or so, put your paper away for now and come back to it tommorow. Don’t leave it longer than that or you will just let it go. Commit to creating your story, writing your life plan for the coming year(s)

Now is the time to take the short term goals - create dates for completion or fruition, make action notes and statements for projects and write affirmations that support each of these goals. Affirmations show the gratitude for having that goal manifested in your life now. They are stated in present terms. Example: I am so happy and grateful now that I am living in a beautiful and appropriate home, that suits my lifestyle and family.”

Continue to do the same for each of your midterm and long term goals.

Once this is complete, begin your wish board (dream board/vision board). Look through magazines, online, newspapers, etc. to find pictures, phrases, articles, travel plans, house plans, vehicles……… - anything that is on your list and paste them onto the board. Place the board where you can see it on a daily basis. This part is important. In the past I used to hide my wish board so that others wouldn’t see it. Alas, it did nothing to further my success. I realize that I was hiding my dreams, embarrassed at what others might think of me. The Universe cannot easily give you things when you don’t feel worthy to receive.

I could continue and write a book on this subject and there are good books available. So to shorten things up from this point read and affirm your goals daily. Make notes as ideas come up that will help you take action or put you in the right place to receive, give your doubts to the Universe and keep your eye on the present moment (not on the end result) and most of all be grateful for all that is coming into your life and all that is in your life right now.

I do take this one step further and write a story about my life for the coming year. It begins “At this time ………….” and ends with ” and we all live happily everafter, with new ideas, love, peace and joy.” If you like to write, try it. It’s interesting to read as you begin to clear and create next year.

One last note - goal setting does not have to wait until December or happen only once a year. Once you begin the process, you will find yourself updating and adding to your list on a regular basis and that is the way it works best.

Best Wishes and Blessings on your Journey.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas season is always a time of memories. For some the memories are filled with warmth and joy, for others sadness and pain. I wonder each year, if my memories are clouded by my perception; a dream rather than reality. Does it matter?

This year I find myself missing my childhood Christmases. I long to read Twas the Night Before Christmas to my parents and siblings, as we sit around the tree, trying to guess what might be in the packages and wondering if we will hear Santa coming down the chimney this year.

There was never a question about the reality of Santa - we knew his love and generosity existed around the world, in every country and community. It was not about the presents he brought, it was about the feeling of joy, excitement, love, giving and receiving. It seemed that the season provided enough fuel to power those feelings through out the year.

Christmas day brought with it the aroma of roasting turkey and cranberries simmering on the stove. Mom had spent many weeks baking Christmas cakes, gingerbread, potato candy (exquisite homemade chocolates), pull taffy and sugar cookies. My sweet tooth was finally satisfied, as on this day, there was no reprimands for eating too much of my favorite foods.

I don't really remember the gifts, though socks, pajamas and perhaps a new outfit were always part of the tradition. There was a favorite doll ( a nurse named Elizabeth) a pair of skate warmers, and a manicure set my father had chosen for me.

How I miss those days. This year more than ever, I wish for a hug from my parents, to spend time around the tree, listening to Carols, and watching A Christmas Story in black and white. Though I am with my daughter, I realize that somehow I created a different Christmas Spirit with her, and though we still believe in Santa, and listen to Carols, materialism has snuck in where love used to be. She is now 20 and I wonder what kind of Christmas she will create for her children when they arrive.....

Celebrating the birth of Christ, has so much meaning for me. At the age of 13 there was nothing I wanted more than to see everyone around me be happy and peaceful. There seemed to be so much sadness in my life. As I walked along my usual route, one evening, listening to the frogs, enjoying the cool summer breeze, I felt the presence of Jesus walking with me, supporting me. I made a promise then, that if he would always walk with me, I would do everything in my power to spread love and joy out into the world.

There are times when lonliness creeps up on me, and I look around wondering where the support I think I need has gone, then I remember that night, the promise and the strength that was given to me.

So this year at Christmas I want to send love to the parents who gave me life. Thank you for your unconditional love, and the memories of Christmas, celebrating the birth of the Spirit that gives us all life.

May all of you be blessed with the Spirit of Christmas, not just for the season, but throughout the year.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Being versus Getting

I am sitting with my thoughts, thankful for the peace, joy and health that exist in my world. Yet, I am uneasy with the thought that getting has become more important than being.

When did we start being measured by our houses, cars, incomes, vacations, clothing styles and designers....?

My inbox is filled with invitations to seminars, insisting that if I join the call I can make 6 figures, and my life will be transformed. I have listened to a few of these calls, out of curiousity. When they are over, I can't help but wonder how many people choose increased income over increased friendship, love, joy, health, and peace.

Don't misunderstand. I am not against high income, and the enjoyment that results from a good healthy cash flow. What is troubling me, is the feeling that the desire for material wealth has overtaken our desire to be of greater value to the world. I see so many who put money first, and never enjoy their lives. I see people who disregard even thier friends, family and clients, in order to gain the status of their peers. How Sad!

Should our power to manifest be used to amass material riches for ourselves, or should the manifestation be about creating more health, joy, love, peace and general abundance for all?

Somehow I believe that if we all used our power to bless others, then we would never have to ask for ourselves. Perhaps that is the proper interpretation of "It is better to give than to receive".

Just imagine what the world would be like if we all gave more value in service than what we receive in monetary exchange for goods or service? (This is an idea taken from The Science of Getting Rich) What if we sent more blessings of prosperity to our "competition", instead of trying to undercut them? What if we gave more to those who have nothing, instead of cramming our lives with material goods, we never use? What if more of us shared our blankets, clothing and food with the homeless? What would our world be like if we all chose our friends based on who they were, instead of how thier cash flow?

Who would you be if you had time to enjoy life, rather than spending your days seeking ways to "get more". Who would you be, if you were stripped of material worth? Who would you rather be?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nothing is Secret

Today I am touched by how much we affect the lives of people we don't even know. Our thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams do reach out beyond our environment into a Universal Consciousness.

The past few days I have had my thoughts and dreams reflected back to me in ways that prove to me "I am not alone". My thoughts are not private, held only within my mind.

I believe in the power of distant healing and prayer. It is part of the life I live, sending blessings, prayers and healing to many others in the world. I have shared the experience of this distant miracle, and I am grateful for this energetic phenomena.

Yet, I am still in awe of how our private thoughts are transported in the same way, without definite intention to anyone in particular. I know you are thinking - how else does law of attraction work? But this goes beyond the setting of intentions - it is the little ideas that you think wouldn't matter. Have you noticed this in your life? Have you paid attention?

It has struck me like a blazing star - NOTHING IS SECRET - Not Even Your Thoughts.

Knowing that nothing you think is really private - what will your thoughts be now?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Beginning of Vibrant Health

Did you know that your health reflects all the other aspects of your life? Whatever is going on within, shows up in your physical body. Were you aware of that?

If life is painful for you - you likely suffer from chronic pain. If you are holding anger, it may show up as arthritis, cancer, kidney disease or other dibilitating discomfort. Irritation becomes a rash. When you are not standing up for yourself, you may be plagued with lower back or leg conditions. Living in a toxic environment, where lower vibrations exist on a regular basis, may cause liver problems. These are just examples. The list is endless.

If you are suffering, unhappy, angry, filled with guilt, living in fear, or hanging on to grief, it cannot help but show up through physical symptoms.

Those who live in gratitude, positive expectation, love, and forgiveness have a vibrancy about them. Have you noticed that?

This is not meant as a diagnosis, but if you find you are constantly ill or suffer with chronic dis-ease, perhaps it is time to look beyond the medication that relieves the symptoms, but does very little for the root cause.

Ask yourself - how am I "FEELING" today? There is a reason we use the term feeling and it goes beyond physical pain. What is your emotional pain?

While you are taking the prescription from your doctor, you may also want to consult with somehow who can help you with the emotional underlying cause. Sometimes the answer is as simple as taking up a meditation program, releasing beliefs that are causing guilt, or finding ways to increase your vibration through affirmation and positive intention.

Vibrant health is your birthright.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Take Back Your Power to Heal

It is time for all of us to accept responsibility for our own health. We cannot continue to blame the health care system, the lack doctors or the government, for increased illness around the world.

Excerpt from "Heavenly Health" by Julie Melville

Your health is not just physical, nor is it completely metaphysical. Health is a combination of your environment, genetics, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and influences from the outside world.

We live as vibration and light. Your rate of vibration plays a major role in the health you enjoy. Some believe it is the only factor involved in your well-being.

How you perceive and process the world has a significant impact on your energy, pain receptors, and organ function. Shifting your perception will begin any healing process. So, how do you do that?

Take responsibility. This does not mean blaming yourself for your current state.
Just simply acknowledge that you desire greater vitality. Choose to take the steps required to revitalize, rejuvenate, and maintain the perfect state of health you dream of having.

Take back your power. Stop relying on others to heal you. Work in cooperation with both traditional and alternative medical providers. Study and practice the idea of looking within to see where the pain or discomfort originates from. Focus on being healthy.

Both personal and professional experience have taught me that those who fully heal, are the people who believe in themselves and take an active role in determining the root cause of the dis-ease.

"Heavenly Health" is not yet published but will be available by the end of the year.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teleseminar - Stop Changing - Start Healing

EVENT: Don't Change For Heaven's Sake
DATE & TIME: Wednesday, September 30th at 5:00pm Pacific FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)TO ATTEND THIS EVENT, CLICK THIS LINK NOW...

It is very seldom that I blatantly advertise my work. But this is important. The more I work with Spirit, spending less time worrying about the past and future, the more alive I feel. I have adamantly stated over and over - Stop Changing - become who you are. I have promoted the "think from the heart" for several years.

If you wish your health was better, your finances improved, your relationships more intimate, or wanting a better outlook on life, then join me on this call. It is an introduction to a 6 week program that will give you the tools to transform, rather than change. You are worth it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Take the Fear Out of Your Life Today

Change creates the fear most of feel from time to time. So why do you keep trying to change? What keeps you reaching to the external world to find your purpose, your place in this world? Who are you giving your power to as you try to be their idea of successful, happy, prosperous?

Wouldn't it be nice to stop living in fear? How would it feel to just know that all is well, there is nothing to fear?

Stop the Fear. Stop Changing. Stop buying into other's ideas of happiness. Choose your own.

We are so programmed to believe that others can tell us how to live better, more prosperous, peaceful lives. But when was the last time someone's advice created a better circumstance in your life? When the aha moment came, was it their advice, or something within yourself that said yes, this is what I need to let go of?

Release the fear, by releasing the habits, beliefs, thoughts, and actions that hold you in someone else's power. Take your own power, and live from the All Knowing Source within.

Take 30 days, give up the idea of change and be more at peace, feel increased energy, vitality, self-love and prosperity.

"Don't Change For Heaven's Sake"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remember, Reconnect, Feel & Manifest

How do you begin the process of remembering?

Reconnecting to our Soul Self or True Essence is a simple, yet elusive process. As I have said so often, it does not require change. In fact trying to change who you are further complicates the ability to connect with your Truth.

Connecting is about getting in touch with that part of You that never changes - Always was, is and will be, never-changing, always supportive, ever giving and loving.

Connection is not about slaying the ego - rather embrace that part of you that points out where the blocks are, how you are feeling about yourself right now, and what beliefs are ready to be released. Simply acknowledge that voice that speaks those words of warning that you are not enough, not capable, not pretty, not wealthy, not successful, not healthy - Acknowledge and say Thank You for showing me this part of how I am feeling.

Once you have acknowledged your ego, sit with how you would rather feel. Find a memory, or make one up, that resonates with the feeling you desire. Allow a vision of how that feeling is or can be manifest in your life. Then allow the old belief and the new vision to meld together. Carry this melded feeling with you, taking appropriate action to transform that part of your life that is stopping the new feeling to be true for you.

This is the start of reconnection. If you need help with this process or would ongoing support in the process send me an email to discuss how I can assist you. I am offering the readers of this blog post a 30 minute consultation to determine your best path to creating the experience of Heaven on Earth.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What Matters? The People or the Sale

Have you noticed that whether we are email marketing or social marketing, we never take time to get to know our potential clients?

If you own a store and people come into the store, do you take the time to speak with them, find out a little bit about them, discuss what their preferred products are, or do you just start selling without taking consideration for what they may have come in to buy?

Does the customer really matter at all to you? They should. They are not just a client or customer, they are people.

So, assuming you do talk to your physical clients and customers, why is it we never go beyond the sales line in facebook, twitter, and email marketing.

I look at the number of emails I receive each day, 80% of them are saying exactly the same thing, making the same promises, and yet not one of those marketers even knows me. They have no idea, who I am, what I do, or what my beliefs are. They just keep saying the same thing everyday, hoping to make a sale.

How sad!!

Facebook helps keep in touch with friends and there is personal chatter, which you can choose to read or not read. But often the marketers just market - they don't take time to find out the personal stuff. Twitter lets you give bit and pieces of personal info - but who takes the time?

Now I am not suggesting that I belong to Twitter to find out all the juicy details of strangers. That would feel just a bit strange. But it is nice to read the one liners that give insight into beliefs, and interests of the people. What matters more to you - the people or the sale?

If you are following me, I do want to get to know you better. If I am following you, it is because something about your profile interested me - I would like more information.

Guess that is partly what this blog is about. The posts help you to get to know me better. In turn please share with me. It might just turn out, that we have services we can barter, trade or sell to each other, that will enhance the quality of life of each other. Wouldn't that be fantastic??

Friday, August 28, 2009

Money Is Not The Problem

If money you are having concerns about money I ask you to think about whether money is the real challenge. What is your greatest fear if the money doesn't arrive on time, or if you are currently unemployed?

Know that whatever underlying fear exists is the real block to your receiving your good. When you sit in prayer or intent, this is what you need to work on, so the money can come into your life. Simply asking for money without knowing the truth will leave you empty handed. Even if the money comes, you will be asking again and again until you face the fear that created the problem in the first place.

So is the greater fear that you will be homeless, or hungry? This might suggest that you have security issues. What has happened in your life that leaves you feeling that you are not safe, protected and taken care of? Dig deep, find the memory and then pour love into this part of yourself. Then turn the fear and the need for security over to your Higher Self. Ask to be shown ways that prove you are able, through the Activity of your Higher Self, to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Feel a time in your life when you felt secure and carry this feeling in your heart. If you can't find the feeling ask your Higher Self to show you what this feels like. Thank your ego for showing you the truth of your money issue and work with your True Essence to solve the problem.

Perhaps the feeling that comes to mind is humiliation or self-disgust at getting yourself into a bind in the first place. Now it is time to thank the ego for making the block clear to you, then forgive yourself for the error in judgement. Sit with your Higher Self, work through what went wrong, and the adjustments that need to be made. Release the error, the guilt and the debt to True Essence, and ask for direct guidance in "making all things new again"

Our worries are not usually what we think they are. And while Law of Attraction takes us on a whirlwind of Affirmations and feeling as if everything is the way we want, it cannot stick with us until we work things out with the Higher Power within us. Spirit wants us to have all the gifts, but they cannot come to us except through a clear channel of Love and Light. Until we know ourselves, and present the truth, the attraction is just as phony as the feelings that put it there.

For lasting Blessings in your life, look not to the material world, but rather to the storehouse of the Gifts of Spirit - within You.

Take the 30 day challenge to get in touch with the feelings of truth and Love of Spirit. Here is the true place of remembering you are an Abundant being. or

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are You Ready to Really Live ?

Are you tired of the day to day turmoil and struggle? Would you like to see improvements in your health, relationships and finances? Are you ready to be happy, healthy and wealthy?

Connectioning with your True Essence is the greatest healing and manifesting tool offered to us. "It" has been there since the beginning of time. We have just forgotten, or do You remember?

How would it feel if you could just let go, release, surrender and give up all of your conflict, worries, troubles, anger, guilt, blame, dis-ease and sorrow?

You can. We were all given that provision at birth. In truth, it is our Life Purpose, no matter what else we strive to do in our lives. In fact, in terms of Law Of Attraction and Manifestation of our desires, the only way you can create the life of your dreams, is by living in conscious expression of your True Essence (Higher Consciousness).

Not sure how to do this or where to start? Reading, Meditating, Journalling and Gratitude are the best starters. For more information check out the following websites: or

Blessings to All

In "Don't Change For Heaven's Sake" I talk about clearing the slate and living from a place of love, forgiveness and harmlessness. These are the keys to connection. You also connect in meditation, through giving unconditionally to others, and in your daily creation of a more peaceful world. We connect so easily but continue to be unaware of the connection. It is the unawareness that gets up into "trouble", in the first place.

Many of you think that in giving up your "stuff", you are not taking responsibility for your life. That is not true. You still maintain responsibility for your actions, but in giving them up to a Higher Power, you are able to resolve the issues without creating more of the same. It has been said that we cannot solve the problem with the same mind that created the problem, so giving it up, releasing it allows the situation to resolve itself in love. Does that sound good to you?

Now, this is not to say that you can go about creating havoc, and harm, then release it to a Higher Power and be set free of consequences. You are still accountable for your thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

Living in Connection is seeking the answers, asking the questions, listening, being aware of the choices between love and greed or power (with a little p) and Power that allows us to do and be more in the world.

Connecting with your True Essence is essential to living a life of pure peace and love.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Regular Meditation Leads to A Life of Joy

We are always looking for more happiness, freedom, abundance, love ...... Yet we never seem to take time to use the tools that create just that. Our lives are so busy, working harder to make more money, to have more time to spend doing what we love - a never ending spiral in downward motion.

When I suggest that someone wake 15 minutes earlier and spend quiet time in meditation, I see the resistance. If I suggest they take 15 minutes of their lunch hour, I see the same reaction. So what do you really want?

I have found that taking just 15 - 20 minutes per day, in meditation, affirmation and/or intention that I am more productive, and much more at peace with life going on around me.

Meditation is not difficult, just somewhat confusing. You first start out hearing all the thoughts going on in your head and you feel you are not relaxing. But it is the thoughts going on your head that you need to hear and it is the feelings that come from those thoughts that you need to resolve. So thoughts are ok - use them to clear the areas in your life that are begging for your attention. As you listen to your thoughts, taking the information they provide it gives you the guidance you need to release feelings and patterns that are not serving you. Over time as you deal with these thoughts, you will begin to feel the clarity of thought, and at times no thought. Here you find peace.

So meditation on occasion is not as useful as regular, daily meditation. It is not a "quick fix", but it will become a permanent fix.

My purpose in setting up "Meditate for Heaven's Sake" was to encourage you and make it easy for you to develop the habit of meditating daily.


Are you ready to start? The sooner you begin, the sooner your life becomes more balanced, peaceful and prosperous.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Power Within

This past few weeks has been about tearing away the layers of stuff, created over years of trying to be understanding, caring, compassionate, gentle and kind.

I agree that these are important in living a life of peace, joy and love, yet at some point we have to realize that in seeing only the Divine with others, we blind ourselves to ways in which we are abused by those who sense we will just continue to forgive.

To live for Heaven's Sake is not about letting others hurt you, and just forgiving. At some point act with the practical side of your nature. Talk to them about their behavior, give constructive ideas about releasing that part of them that creates hurtful behavior, but at some point when you have given all you have - Walk Away.

Then go through the process of releasing them from your life, with forgiveness and love.

Also realize when you have given your power away, even to spirituality. Many, including myself have to remind ourselves occassionally, that by wrapping ourselves in the blanket of the Divine, we become ungrounded, prey to users and abusers. It is important to ground each day. It is also important to note that when you release the unfolding of your life and dreams, that you are releasing them to your Christ Self. Asking for Universal help, does not include giving them all the power. That is a right that should only be given to the God Within.

Food for thought. Comments please

Friday, July 10, 2009

Comments Please

Meditate for Heaven Sake is now ready to go. Here is a place for you to ask questions, make comments, and share your thoughts and feelings with others in the group. I encourage participation. Support others and receive encouragement.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Live For Heaven's Sake

Welcome to a place where all things are not just possible, but already in existence. Over the coming days, weeks and months I want to share with you the difference between manifesting abundance and just accepting it.

All that we desire is already created, waiting for us to say YES and open our hearts for delivery.

Once we come to the realization that there is no need to want, and begin to pray through God, not to God, our lives flow with joy, love, prosperity and optimal health.

So please join me - there is much to think about and discuss. is currently being built, but the page for my Meditate For Heaven Sake Program is now live. So join in and begin to Live For Heaven's Sake.

While you're there sign up for information about my soon to be released book "Don't Change For Heaven's Sake", e-courses, homestudy programs and much more.