Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just For Today I Will See the Sweetness in Life

I woke up this morning with a feeling of joyful anticipation. I've noticed this feeling a lot these past few months. Then I begin to wonder what will happen today? Why am I having this feeling? I question how I could be feeling this way with all I have to do, my responsibilities, the sadness of friends, and trivial worries I harbor.  The feeling disappears. I did something different this morning - I smiled to myself and out loud to the Universe, I affirmed, "Thank You". The feeling remains. I consciously decided last night before I went to sleep to do something different, when that peaceful, happy feeling arrived. I planted the idea of holding on to whatever I felt as I was waking. I remember a part of a dream where hummingbird reminded me of the sweetness in life, explaining it is always there we just forget to allow it - we look past it to the problems we think we are having. Even now fully awake, I see the truth of the dream.

Have you ever noticed in the moment before you are fully awake, you feel a sense of peace or joy, or perhaps you feel a deep sense of love for life? Then you begin to think of all you have to do today, or the phone call you forgot to return yesterday. Worries about what will be or how the day will turn out start to set in as you come fully awake, and in an instant the original moment of bliss is gone.

During the deepest part of our sleep, our minds and bodies are given opportunity to heal. Worries and fears disappear as we become more attuned to Spirit, knowing we are safe, loved and protected. Our dreams often show us the way out of difficulty, restoring balance. As we are waking we hold on to the knowing we are guided, that life is meant to be joyful and that all is just as it is supposed to be. Then we allow the mind to take over, reminding us of all we think is not so great in our world. We override the peace or joy or love, as we begin the to do list in our heads, wondering how we will make it through the day. The dream containing the solution is lost from our conscious mind, and once again we feel alone, having to face the difficulties on our own.

What if we held on to whatever feeling we had when we awoke? What if we just trusted the gift we were given in our sleep? What if we let ourselves believe that all would be well during the day? What if we knew there was nothing to fear or worry about? What if everything that happened during the day was a gift guiding us toward the joyful anticipation of life?

I have decided to try this new way of looking at all that is happening around me. For years I have affirmed that All is Well in My World, among many other inspirational thoughts as they come sporadically throughout the day. I read the Reiki Prayer - Just for today I will not be Angry. Just for today I will not Worry. Just for today I will be Thankful. Just for today I will do my work Honestly. Just for today I will send love to every living thing. But today, I am adding - Just for today I will accept the gift of joy anticipation and see where it leads. Today I will not let all that appears to be wrong with the world, be wrong. There is a reason for all things and I trust the Universe. For today I will just notice what happens and without judgment be grateful for life.

If you would like to join me in this adventure, add your comments. If we all become more accepting of the peace we wake up with perhaps our lives would begin to reflect those thoughts instead of all the worry, fear, grief, anger and guilt we now experience.

Blessings to All

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Honest Expression Creates Health

As I sit watching the sun come up I realize that even in the moments of sadness, loss, fear and doubt we can find peace. There is no shame in the truth of how we feel.

As much as I promote being in a place of joy, love and gratitude, there are times when we are sad, angry, indecisive, and ungrateful. Using these honest feelings to understand your boundaries, values and beliefs can be invaluable. When we allow the less than happy thoughts and feelings to pass through us, we become stronger. Expressing sorrow in times of loss is healing. Feeling pain when we have been hurt is normal. I see too many who are afraid to express their anger, bottling it up inside for fear of hurting someone else, or afraid of what others may say about them. That is not healthy.

True joy and exceptional health come when we are able to deal with the emotions as they arise. Being honest with ourselves and others, opens communication, expands our heart space and clears a place for shifting our perception of an event or situation. Once cleared healing can begin.

True strength and character come when we are able to be honest in our expression, maintaining integrity within ourselves. There are constructive ways to release heavy, unloving emotions. You can state what is hurting you, cry, relay anger, share your guilt, shame or disappointment without unnecessary drama or hurtful, demeaning words. Stick to the emotions you are feeling. Don't place blame on the other person or group. Take responsibility for your perception of the situation. Listen to the other side of the story.

Remember no one has the power to hurt you, make you angry, or even to make you happy. Only you have control over how you react to anything. If another's action or words invoke a feeling in you, ask yourself where this feeling originates. What do I need to understand about myself, to take this to heart? Am I seeing a truth about myself, that I don't like? How could I see and feel differently? Does what I am thinking and feeling matter enough to ruin my day? Are these even my feelings and thoughts or are they a programmed response based on someone else's system of beliefs and values?

I think of boundaries in terms of what am I willing to give my energy to? Being upset is one of the greatest energy zappers in our lives. When a loved one upsets us it is probably worth the time and effort to work through what is going on inside of us, and explain how the behavior hurts us. Too often though we allow strangers to affect our day, as we rerun the scenario over and over in our mind. Is it worth it? How is it serving you?

Journalling, walking, gardening, prayer are all healthy ways to release pent up emotions. Next time you have a desire to yell, scream, vent or blame another, find a quiet place to review what is really going on. Hurting others in order to feel better in the moment usually creates further guilt - is it worth giving your energy to that?

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Every year at this time I am reminded of life on the farm. This was always a traditional weekend of being genuinely grateful. Though there were years we were still combining, there was a feeling of abundance in the air; a knowing that the crop would soon be off and the bins filled.

This year, the crispness of the air, the warmth of the sun and the breeze gently drying the morning dew, reminds me so much of those harvest days. I miss watching golden grain flow from combine to truck, from the truck into the bin. Even better were the years when the bins were full, so we were forced to set up make-shift bins to hold the grain until we could take it to the elevator. The air filled with scents of fall - hay, grain dust, drying leaves, the damp fertile earth.

Today as I stand on my deck, taking a deep breath, I take in that same aroma of fall and give thanks for the farmers who work so hard to provide us with nutritious, delicious foods. I am grateful for those who process and package these same foods, as well as the stores that stock it. We are so blessed with choices. We often take our abundant lives for granted.

Even the turning leaves are the color of gold. Looking over a valley with its opulent oranges, reds, golds and yellows brings awareness of the richness of our lives. Take a moment today to look around you. Go for a walk, taking in the sights, smells and sounds of fall. Even though it means winter will soon be upon us, take this time to be grateful for all the seasons provide for us.

If you are one who has trouble remembering to be thankful for each day, take a dry erase marker or glass writer and put the words "Attitude of Gratitude" on your bathroom mirror or on a window you look out often. You may also wish to write other affirmations of thanksgiving or well-being. This is one sure way of never allowing yourself to take the Blessing of Life for granted.

Remember the more grateful you are in each moment, the more each moment gives you something to be grateful for.

Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving weekend and a year of abundance and prosperity, filled with appreciation for all that life provides.