Friday, July 15, 2011

The Miracle of Self Healing

I was asked the other day where I get the idea that we can heal ourselves. I understand that for many this concept is vague at best and unbelievable for most. So what gives me the right to constantly affirm that self healing is not a miracle - rather it is a decision we make. The miracle is in the creation of our bodies, giving us the tools and resources to manifest our own health.

I have been blessed to prove this to myself. Beginning at thirteen, I overcame a very serious ulcer. At the age of eighteen I convinced surgeons that I did not need knee surgery, proclaiming that I would find a way to continue dancing until I was 90, even though they assured me I would not be walking past the age of 30. At 45 there was talk of a wheel chair due to a deteriorating spine. At that time walking was painful, almost impossible, but I said NO, emphatically and sought help outside the medical realms, changed my attitude, worked on my fears and guess what, 10 years later - I'm still walking, feeling better than ever.

At about 48 I was reminded that attitude, beliefs, fear, anger and inability to forgive cause disease. Again, when traditional medical staff offered doom and gloom for my future, I said NO.

Illness is an invitation to heal what is going on in the heart and mind. The body is just an expression of our thoughts and emotions. We heal when we are ready to let go of the toxic emotions and thoughts, trading them for more life-affirming attitudes and beliefs.

I am not the only example of self healing. Look at the many cancer survivors. Think of how many people you know who have overcome serious injury or illness. Yes, we call it a miracle. It is. The point though is miracles lie dormant within each of us.

I feel blessed to know and understand we all have the ability to express the miracle we are. Self Healing is part of our make-up. Healing is not about physical health. Physical health is created when we connect with our Soul, releasing what is toxic in our minds.

Our creator put this machine; we call a body, together with care and precise thought. When our minds were created, we were programmed with perfection and given all the "thinking" tools required for ultimate operation. But, as is often the case, we forgot to read the manual, or we threw it away, before we were fully adept on the use and care of this precious creation.

The one hang-up in the whole system was the creation of self-will. Over the years we have been programmed to believe that we need to be fully in control. We have been programmed with beliefs of incompetence and seperation from the manufacturer of our most valuable asset. Many believe they were created with defects. There is a reason you are not under warranty. You were created in perfection, and through choices your perfect life is available - but you may have to read the operating instructions and make a few tiny adjustments in order to get everything back in working order.

The manual still exists. It is a program that cannot be erased or deleted. It sits in a hidden file within your operating system. Another reason to "go within" for the answers.

As I have said many times, we are one of the most unique, and precious, irreplaceable pieces of art available, yet we treat our bodies with less attention and love than we do a pretty picture picked up at WalMart.

This article is not about blame. It is written to provide awareness that Miracles are found in using the Operators Manual for creating with Spirit. Miracles happen when we follow Universal Laws and let go of beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are blocking us from our best life.

I urge each of you reading this to consider why things aren't working in your life - whether it is health, wealth or happiness. CREATE YOUR OWN MIRACLE TODAY.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Miracles and the Soul

Sit quietly for just a moment. Focus on your heart center. Fill it with all the love you can possibly feel. Continue to fill that space with all of the expressions of love – forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, joy, peace, prosperity, vibrant health. You have just experienced a miracle!

According to A Course In Miracles, “miracles occur naturally as expressions of love”. Miracles are happening all the time, everywhere to everyone, but our perception of daily life blocks the idea of a miracle occurring. It is only when someone is rescued from death, instantly healed, or receives unexpected abundance that we declare a miracle. In awe, we speak of the event, as though it is an unnatural or abnormal occurrence. In those times when we forget our humanness and allow the Spirit of God to take control, miracles happen. In truth, miracles are not meant to bring awe, but to inspire gratitude and healing to areas of your life where you feel lack and fear.

All of us have the ability to provide miracles, through our forgiveness of others and ourselves. When we fill a need in the life of another, pour love out to the world without condition, or finally accept our own holiness, we have been a co-creator in a miracle.

We are all expressions of the miracle of life. Those who have children, feel the miracle at the birth of their children. At birth, we are still able to feel and know the soul of this new physical body. Life has not erased their memory. The love and trust that emanates from this little being, allows our soul to connect to theirs and unconditional love forms an eternal bond.

Each of us, created as miracle, cannot lose that essence, even with age. As we grow older and begin to see, feel and hear the beliefs and paradigms of our care-givers, we lose touch with the inner guidance and knowing. We are told what is right and wrong. We are told what to do "for our own good". We are disciplined for certain behaviors, and congratulated for others. Most of these decisions are based on the beliefs of our parents and grandparents.

When we see our angels and guides and tell the adults in our life, they are called imaginary friends. We lose faith in what we see and faith in ourselves for believing that these loving beings exist. It is here we begin to lose our faith in love, in our creator, in ourselves. The miracles are gone.

Yet where do we get the strength to rescue someone from a burning building, pull a child out of the way of a moving vehicle, carry someone for miles to safety? What is this voice that comes in the instant of danger and seemingly changes a traffic pattern, so we avoid an accident? How do we know not to take a specific route, a particular flight? How do we know that today is not a good day to go work and later find their has been a threat to life during the time we would have been on the subway, at the bank or in our office building? How do healing miracles occur?

We need only look to our soul, and believe once again in "imaginary friends" to find the answer.

Sit quietly for just a moment. Focus on your heart center. Fill it with all the love you can possibly feel. This itself is a miracle and a way to return to the innocence and trust of a child. With that unconditional love miracles are an everyday, normal occurence. Life becomes a new adventure, filled with endless possibility?

What miracle will you be today?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Would Your Soul Like To Tell You?

It is a beautiful summer morning. The birds are singing. The sky shines silver with the rising sun. The grass glows a vibrant green, fresh with dew. As I sit with my morning coffee, allowing the stillness to slowly awaken my mind and body, I wonder what my soul would like to tell me today. What would be my soul's greatest desire?

Have you ever thought about that?

We, in this mind and body, are here for a very short time, yet our soul has existed for an eternity and will go on existing forever. Are we not here for the expression and education of this soul? If you let this idea flow through you, you may feel the truth of it. Why else are we here?

I have often gone through the exercise of asking the soul a question and then allowing my pen to write the answer. This morning as I did this exercise, I found myself really wondering what I would do differently if I communicated more often and more clearly with my soul.  I seldom stop to ask my soul about choices and decisions. Am I being the greatest expression of my soul's desire? What would my soul do in any situation, if I allowed myself to listen?

Perhaps life is not so much about the petty desires, the mistakes, the successes.  Am I living in a way that serves the future of my soul? Am I gifting my soul with joyful memories to carry to eternity, or am I clouding the soul with sorrow and defeat? If I gave my soul a chance to speak would I see life differently?

I think of the eternal life of the soul, and wonder at the knowledge that lies within this part of me. Can we begin to imagine all that has gone on before? Here is the greatest storehouse of our past and future, yet we ignore or forget it's existence. As I write this, I can only feel how sorry I am for treating it as children treat parents - "How would you know how I feel or what is best for me?"

Of course our soul knows. What part of us could know more about us? Until recently, when I talked or thought about "going within" for the answers I looked to my heart. But I realize that our heart is often overshadowed by the mind and current life experience. Now, as I look to my soul for answers, I find there is soft detachment with no consideration for the personal experience. Within the soul lies global experience - how our actions, thoughts and feeling contribute to energy throughout the Universe, through time and space.

The soul does not offer advice as such, but gives fuel to passion, kindness to anger, patience to anxiety. The soul knows who we are today affects everything and everyone on this planet and in this galaxy, not just today but on into infinity.  I ask myself, do I want this thought or this action to create my future or the future of others?

If you ask and listen, your soul will give you answers. Maybe not in ordinary, expected ways, but you will know when you hear, see or feel the knowing within. It may come as a thought when you first awaken, before the mind has time to engage. It may come as a dream or a conversation with a stranger or friend. It may come in a news flash, or a song on the radio. It may come as a feeling drifting over you, leaving peace amidst chaos, or a sudden creative idea.

However it appears, trust that your soul is always absorbing everything you say, think and do. The soul knows and supports you fully. It is the soul that gives life to your body and it is the soul that will live on after your body dies. Today I ask "Soul, what is your greatest desire?" "What would you like me to know today?" "What is the best way for me to be in this situation?" "What can I do to serve your eternal life?"