Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Beginning of Vibrant Health

Did you know that your health reflects all the other aspects of your life? Whatever is going on within, shows up in your physical body. Were you aware of that?

If life is painful for you - you likely suffer from chronic pain. If you are holding anger, it may show up as arthritis, cancer, kidney disease or other dibilitating discomfort. Irritation becomes a rash. When you are not standing up for yourself, you may be plagued with lower back or leg conditions. Living in a toxic environment, where lower vibrations exist on a regular basis, may cause liver problems. These are just examples. The list is endless.

If you are suffering, unhappy, angry, filled with guilt, living in fear, or hanging on to grief, it cannot help but show up through physical symptoms.

Those who live in gratitude, positive expectation, love, and forgiveness have a vibrancy about them. Have you noticed that?

This is not meant as a diagnosis, but if you find you are constantly ill or suffer with chronic dis-ease, perhaps it is time to look beyond the medication that relieves the symptoms, but does very little for the root cause.

Ask yourself - how am I "FEELING" today? There is a reason we use the term feeling and it goes beyond physical pain. What is your emotional pain?

While you are taking the prescription from your doctor, you may also want to consult with somehow who can help you with the emotional underlying cause. Sometimes the answer is as simple as taking up a meditation program, releasing beliefs that are causing guilt, or finding ways to increase your vibration through affirmation and positive intention.

Vibrant health is your birthright.

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