Monday, August 2, 2010


Today is a new day, and I begin anew. I begin by greeting the day with love, in acceptance of all the opportunities placed before me. Today I see each moment as an opportunity. For even obstacles or boredom are nothing more than opportunities to seek, to grow.

Fear asks me to stand tall, to move, to reach out for support. Therein I find courage, strength, new friends.

Sadness calls out with memories of happier times, encouraging me to experience true sorrow, so that I will also know true joy.

Lonliness beckons me to lend a hand, to help another. I need never be lonely when there are so many who would be a friend. Lonliness is an opportunity to take time for meditation and fuel creativity.

Illness is but an opportunity to heal. As I sit with illness, I see my thoughts more clearly, and find new ways to regain the vitality I long for. A day of rest is often well deserved. Long suffering is for those who choose to blame rather than claim responsibility. In this suffering I see my truth revealed, which now becomes an opportunity to let go of self-pity, guilt, remorse.

Pain reminds me that I have given without thought to physical capabilities. Here I find the steps I need to take to strengthen my muscles and replenish my fortitude. In my own pain I see those who I have hurt, as well as those I need to forgive. Thank you for this opportunity to forgive others and myself.

As I watch the clouds from window, I sense the wonder of the world. It is in this moment I feel the joy of living. In this joy my heart opens to the opportunities for love, for purpose, for dreams.

Within a crowd there is opportunity to spread love and blessings, without words or recognition. In stillness I find time for prayer, in gratitude for silence, peace, and breath.

Celebration is an opportunity to reunite with friends and loved ones, to regain the awe of childhood, to feel the bonds of family and community.

Each moment of our life offers opportunities to see the work we do, the joy we share, the love we need, the talents we have, the blessings, the trials, the possibilities. Each moment can bring us closer to our dreams or further from our goals. Each moment gives us the opportunity to choose what we offer others or what we  keep for ourselves. Each moment soon becomes our life.

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