Monday, May 23, 2011

Just For Today I Will Not Judge

Today I will not judge myself or others. I will not judge circumstances or events. I will take each moment without analyzing it as good or bad and just accept it. Today I will allow myself to see the greater picture of cause and effect, rather than the narrow view of personal hurt or celebration.

I have often wondered how different the world might seem, if we stopped labelling our experiences as good or bad, and just allowed ourselves the moment of the experience. If we stopped thinking that feeling hurt or angry, meant we had been wronged, and simply used the moment to understand ourselves within the circumstance, life would be so much easier. There would be no reason to avenge our honor. We would no longer be a victim of any condition. Of course this would mean  we would have to stop the "blame game" and know without doubt that we are 100% responsible for everything happening in our lives.

The more I work with this idea, the more I notice  there is little need for guilt, shame or bitterness. As I accept responsibilty for each moment, the law of cause and effect becomes more apparent. I find myself becoming less angry, less anxious, and less saddened by the people around me. There is power in acceptance. From the vantage point of taking responsibilty, I see the part I played, thus creating tools to prevent reoccurence of those feel bad moments. In this light I build tools designed to create a space of peaceful and loving energy.

In order for this to be effective, we need to stop looking at the actions a good or bad, and begin to recognize the feelings that create power within us, and those that dampen our spirit, leaving us feel less than good enough. When we make choices from this perspective, we are able to create joy, peace, health, and contentment. When our buttons are pushed and we find ourselves out of joy, we can then retrace the occurence to see our part in the scenario, and know from this moment, we will not repeat those thoughts and actions, causing the same or similair chain of events. If we lay blame, we cannot see our part, therefore we are powerless to stop a reoccurence.

When we lay down blame of self and others, we leave space for forgiveness. When we let go of judgement we open up to endless opportunities of connection to Spirit. As we strengthen this connection joy, love and peace flow easily in our lives, erasing pain, anger, guilt and remorse. As we stay in this connection, we begin to know that all things are possible.

So Just For Today - I will not judge.

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