Sunday, April 27, 2014

Have You Given Yourself The Credit You Deserve?

I think perhaps I haven't given myself enough credit. Perhaps you are feeling that way too, or maybe you haven't had the ah ha moment yet. Therefore I am compelled to share this with you, hoping you will see within yourself the success you truly are.

I was reading a book I wrote several years ago, "Don't Change For Heaven's Sake", and found my moment of truth. Some found the book too personal, others were helped beyond explanation by reading it and applying it to their own life. We all have a story, but honestly, our story is the same, with different characters and drama. Our purpose is the same. We are all here to experience what is ours to walk through and come through it with love, gratitude and compassion. We are all here to learn peace, to know who and what we are.

I set out to revise the edition. Instead what I found is the relevance of what is written. We have become so success and material conscious, we have forgotten the basics of living a good life. Social Media has created a bigger audience for our stories about others (gossip). There is so much more advertising available to tell us we are not good enough unless we own more cars than we can drive or a bigger house than we can maintain. Success has become about money in the bank, no matter who is left hungry in the process. We beat ourselves up daily as we compare what we have with others. We are so busy putting out positive messages to the world, we don't take time to process anger, guilt and shame, or take time to forgive. And in our search for self-acceptance we are met by Law of Attraction Gurus who reinforce the idea of having more is being more. What happened to the basic laws of respect, acceptance and loving others?

As I reviewed "Don't Change..." I realized how blessed I am. I  felt the strength it took to work through relationship and health problems, to clear my anger, shame and guilt. I felt blessed not to have succumbed to the feelings of lack, which were true for a long time. I saw the success with which I had used the tools for clean living, as I continued to create a life I was proud to be living. There are too many who give up. I reach out to you today. There are those who continue to live in an illusion, believing that their houses and cars make up for their lack of love, as they continue to berate others for their seeming lack. I send my compassion out to you, knowing the loneliness of things. I am grateful for faith in a Higher Power providing all that I need.

Louise Hay was my greatest mentor, teaching me to love myself, so I could love others; teaching me to accept others for who they are, rather than judge or use them as a marker for who I am. I learned along the way, I cannot control everything. Sometimes surrender is all that solves the situation.

And as I reviewed the book, I saw how constant criticism of ourselves undermines our opportunities for happiness and peace. As we go through each day, we will make mistakes, we will have times when we could have given more or done better. Yet, in each moment if we are doing the best we can, that is enough. Mistakes can be fixed and moments of over achieving will make up for the shortcuts taken. In the end all that really matters is, "Are you happy?" If you aren't what can you do to be happy, not because of what is happening on the outside, but because deep inside you feel your own love - self love and love of life.

Just for today - Approve of yourself - no matter what.
Know "You Are A Success Because You Exist"
I am reminded life is not about change. It is about letting go - letting go of judgements, vengeance, hurt, remorse. It is about letting go of everything that does not support joy. When you stop comparing yourself to others you will no longer have a reason to criticize yourself. When you stop criticizing yourself, you will no longer have a reason to criticize others.
Know now, you are "perfect, whole and complete", in the words of Louise Hay. Feel the blessing of those words. Review your life and see what you have accomplished. You are worthy. You are strong. You are beautiful.
Julie Melville

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