Saturday, August 1, 2009

Power Within

This past few weeks has been about tearing away the layers of stuff, created over years of trying to be understanding, caring, compassionate, gentle and kind.

I agree that these are important in living a life of peace, joy and love, yet at some point we have to realize that in seeing only the Divine with others, we blind ourselves to ways in which we are abused by those who sense we will just continue to forgive.

To live for Heaven's Sake is not about letting others hurt you, and just forgiving. At some point act with the practical side of your nature. Talk to them about their behavior, give constructive ideas about releasing that part of them that creates hurtful behavior, but at some point when you have given all you have - Walk Away.

Then go through the process of releasing them from your life, with forgiveness and love.

Also realize when you have given your power away, even to spirituality. Many, including myself have to remind ourselves occassionally, that by wrapping ourselves in the blanket of the Divine, we become ungrounded, prey to users and abusers. It is important to ground each day. It is also important to note that when you release the unfolding of your life and dreams, that you are releasing them to your Christ Self. Asking for Universal help, does not include giving them all the power. That is a right that should only be given to the God Within.

Food for thought. Comments please

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