Thursday, September 17, 2009

Take the Fear Out of Your Life Today

Change creates the fear most of feel from time to time. So why do you keep trying to change? What keeps you reaching to the external world to find your purpose, your place in this world? Who are you giving your power to as you try to be their idea of successful, happy, prosperous?

Wouldn't it be nice to stop living in fear? How would it feel to just know that all is well, there is nothing to fear?

Stop the Fear. Stop Changing. Stop buying into other's ideas of happiness. Choose your own.

We are so programmed to believe that others can tell us how to live better, more prosperous, peaceful lives. But when was the last time someone's advice created a better circumstance in your life? When the aha moment came, was it their advice, or something within yourself that said yes, this is what I need to let go of?

Release the fear, by releasing the habits, beliefs, thoughts, and actions that hold you in someone else's power. Take your own power, and live from the All Knowing Source within.

Take 30 days, give up the idea of change and be more at peace, feel increased energy, vitality, self-love and prosperity.

"Don't Change For Heaven's Sake"

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