Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remember, Reconnect, Feel & Manifest

How do you begin the process of remembering?

Reconnecting to our Soul Self or True Essence is a simple, yet elusive process. As I have said so often, it does not require change. In fact trying to change who you are further complicates the ability to connect with your Truth.

Connecting is about getting in touch with that part of You that never changes - Always was, is and will be, never-changing, always supportive, ever giving and loving.

Connection is not about slaying the ego - rather embrace that part of you that points out where the blocks are, how you are feeling about yourself right now, and what beliefs are ready to be released. Simply acknowledge that voice that speaks those words of warning that you are not enough, not capable, not pretty, not wealthy, not successful, not healthy - Acknowledge and say Thank You for showing me this part of how I am feeling.

Once you have acknowledged your ego, sit with how you would rather feel. Find a memory, or make one up, that resonates with the feeling you desire. Allow a vision of how that feeling is or can be manifest in your life. Then allow the old belief and the new vision to meld together. Carry this melded feeling with you, taking appropriate action to transform that part of your life that is stopping the new feeling to be true for you.

This is the start of reconnection. If you need help with this process or would ongoing support in the process send me an email to discuss how I can assist you. I am offering the readers of this blog post a 30 minute consultation to determine your best path to creating the experience of Heaven on Earth.

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