Monday, February 1, 2010

Feeling Your Way

It seems the more we analyze and review our lives the more questions we have about what is truth. I will be honest, I have found myself in doubt about my beliefs quite frequently in the last few weeks.

With so many versions of God, Spirituality, Manifestation, Healing, and just plain simple living, how do we know what is true and what is false perception? As a writer I ask myself - Am I leading you on the right path or further away from joy, peace, health and love?

It seems the more inner work we do, the rougher the waters become. Some call this "meeting the opposites"...  It is said that if we acknowledge the opposition it will disappear, bringing the sun into our lives again. How long must we stay in the fog, chilled to the bone, before we see this sun again?

In fact, lately I wonder if it is true, that love, joy and health are a birthright. Obviously these are brought to us, when we send out loving, joyful vibrations, but does everyone have access to this gift? Are positive expectations, and belief in the generosity and love of our creator enough to open the channels to a better life? For so many this seems not to be true? So how can this be explained?

Have you ever taken a look at your life, and asked yourself if you are living in denial, or self-deception?

Have you read the Universal Laws and felt that you have followed them, to no avail in transforming your life? As I reviewed the book "Working With the Law" by Raymond Holliwell, the other day - I found myself saying, "This is the way I live, so where are the promises that come with that lifestyle?"

What has caused me to fall off the path, or is this just where I am supposed to be in my life? If so, why? There seems to be no answer, as if my angels have left me to go off on some holiday.

I know there are many others who feel they too have been deserted. What can I offer to bring comfort? Does what I offer make a difference?

All I know is that we are here, for good or bad, for a short time or what seems like forever. How we came to be created will remain a mystery until we return to that place of creation. It is our choice to be happy, or sad, loving or angry, afraid or courageous. We cannot let our circumstances be the focus in life. Our focus must remain within, finding the strength to make each day count for something.

If we can feel our way through the fog, the sun will shine through at some point. If we can feel our way through the fear, and cope with unknown territory, there is joy in each moment. Find your own way. Each of is unique. Look not to another for the answers, for the answers are within you. Trust that they will be revealed.

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