Saturday, May 29, 2010

Love Cannot Abide In Fear/Trust Cannot Live Within A Lie

Now, if you have absorbed my previous blog, you will be facing your true feelings. Hopefully, you are expressing your truth, in appropriate ways, allowing yourself to feel anger, resentment, fear, grief just as they appear in your day to day experiences. When we are able to release the so-called negative emotions, we create room in our hearts for love, joy, compassion and peace with integrity rather than as a mask to meet socially acceptable behavior.

We are told that love and fear cannot live in the same space. That is not to say that a loving person does not occasionally become angry or defensive. Even the Universe gives off a jolt of lightening, erupts a volcano, creates a tsunami, or an earthquake once in awhile, to release toxic energy.

Have you ever paid attention to the new growth after a forest fire, or the way your garden takes a spurt of growth after a lightening storm? I am sure you have noticed the compassion and gratitude that come to play at the event of a major disaster. How many of you have reached out to communities rebuilding after a tornado, earthquake or flooding?

We are so afraid of speaking our truth, fearful that those we love will leave us or love us less, for showing our anger, or speaking beliefs contrary to theirs. This fear prevents us from being honest with others, until at some point we lose sight of who we are. The vibration of distrust begins to override the vibration of love until at some point we overreact to an event, shattering the mask of bliss we tried so hard to maintain.

Can you think of a time when you  argued with a loved one? Do you still feel guilty or can you look past the anger, and see a building of trust, thanks to the honesty of each of you in the moment? We feel the vibrations of conflict, even when the words aren't spoken. Though we prefer the vibration of love, it is easily overridden by words unspoken and feelings repressed to protect the cherished relationship.

I believe relationships become stale and mundane due to our lack of honesty. When we tuck our less than loving feelings away, to keep peace, we also tuck away a part of our soul, until one day we wake up and realize that our relationships have become a convenience rather than a partnership. Trust cannot live within a lie.

That trust cannot live within a lie, becomes even more important than the statement, love cannot abide in fear. Love can only be built on truth which leads to trust. Life is the totality of our expression. Reality lives beyond the illusion of love. If we are to find our wholeness, we must accept love as a reality only when it allows us full disclosure of our feelings and beliefs.

Begin today sorting out your true feelings, allowing the masks to slip away. Be honest in your conversations. Check in with your soul - are you trustworthy?

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