Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dear Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth
I think we have all been a bit hard on you lately, complaining, worrying and wondering. I write this in appreciation for all you are and all you do to keep our earth in balance.

For the strength and energy you provide us all, I give thanks. You bless us with such beauty, at times it takes my breath away. The joy of seeing a rainbow, lifts me up, and I appreciate your gentle breeze against my skin. I sigh as I think of the warmth of the winter sun and the sparkly diamonds in the snow. As I watch the sunrise, I feel artistry as you paint the sky and again in the evening as you bring the sun to rest. I sit in awe of your attention to detail and your enduring schedule, never off a beat. We rely on the seasons you created, and feel the changes you so desperately need to make at this time. I trust, for this earth has carried many generations before me.

Of late you have had to remind us that you are power; you have the power to cleanse and restore. So many of your children recoil, in fear. I reach out to embrace you. I felt your power and perserverance, standing by the ocean this summer. It filled me up, offering such peace as I felt the ebb and flow of your cycles. I felt a  sense of never ending abundance. Yet, I also pictured in my mind the force with which you could strike down everything on that coastline. I respect you and give thanks.

I  think of new growth after a harsh cold winter, and have seen new growth of lush forest after a fire. I feel your vibration as lightening flashes and thunder crashes and I give thanks. How peacefully I sleep as rain drizzles down and pelts against the roof and windows. There is such protection in your arms. I watch the stars and notice the moon, bringing magic and mystery to our lives.

Yes, you hear us all complain because it's raining, too cold, too hot, too windy, too calm. You feel our fear as the air fills with smoke, or we watch the map for the path of a tornado, or hurricane. We, your spoiled children must learn our place in the mystery, in the ebb and flow. As we sit in your heart, the earth may shake, but we will not falter. The winds may blow and the waters rise, but we will survive. You are the giver of life, our breath, our peace, our sanctuary. Mother, I send you love and give thanks.

I also give thanks to my daughter who inspired this writing as she spoke to me of the peace and beauty she felt while visiting Jasper - being one with our Mother. it was she, who made me see how often we forget to appreciate this force of nature that keeps us, nurtures us, and sustains our life. I ask everyone reading this to just take a moment and send love and gratitude for the many blessings in our lives.

As I write this I am listening to an owl calling out, wishing me a wonderful day. Thank you Mother Nature.

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