Saturday, October 27, 2012

Right Now, In This Moment

Right now, in this moment I am safe. Right now, in this moment there is nothing I need. Right now, in this moment all is welll in my world. Right now, in this moment I can choose peace. Right now, in this moment I can choose to see beauty surrounding me. Right now, in this moment I can choose happiness.

I use this or a similar set of thoughts anytime I am feeling overwhelmed, worried or anxious about the future. I felt the need to share this with you today. There is so much overwhelm and anxiety in the world today. But if we remind ourselves that our thoughts are our own creation, and our thoughts create our reality, then we can also be reminded to shift our thoughts and see something different. When we see the world differently, our reality is also shifted.

As you are thinking or speaking the phrases above, let your focus go to your heart. Take a few deep breaths and feel the relaxation in your chest, then allow a sense of peace to move through your entire body.

When I began this practice several years ago, I found myself constantly repeating the phrases almost moment by moment. Now (when I remember) when I find myself worried, scared, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated or just plain worn out, I can bring a sense of harmony within a few minutes of breathing and repetition.

This idea can be used to move through pain - both physical and emotional. Take a few moments when you find you are carrying anger or resentment. Change the wording to suit your emotional state. Practiced daily you will begin to notice more beauty, abundance, joy and peace surrounding you. Physical symptoms will lessen in intensity. You will find yourself thinking more positive thoughts and have fewer judgments of others.

This treatment may not create the perfect life, but it will ease your mind allowing you to coast through rough and rocky times. Have fun with it, looking for moments when you can take a breath and see life differently. Used with humor, it allows you to laugh and the vibration of laughter shifts the vibration of your environment, bringing more joy into the situation.

Thank you for taking time to read this. I hope you will apply the treatment to your life. Leave comments about how this works for you and share this idea with others.

Just for today I choose peace, rather than what I see in the world.

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