Sunday, December 30, 2012


As the new year approaches I reflect on all the changes in my life since the year 2000. This year as then, we are offered new vibration, new energy to take us into the Age of Aquarius and out of the Iron Age. What are the possibilities? What does all of the "hoopla" over 2013 mean?

13 years ago I was faced with living the rest of my life in a wheelchair. For someone as independent and stubborn as I, that was not an option. I had two choices. I could fall into self-pity and allow my body to give up on me or I could find a way to bring back the health and vitality I had so long enjoyed. I chose the second option. It has led me into a world of possibilities for everyone living with chronic pain or dis-ease.

As I sit this morning with nostalgia I realize just how much I have learned and how much more there is to life than what we notice on the surface. Aquarius brings us deeper into our emotions and asks us to connect our hearts with our minds, to open to a world of all possibilities. Some may look at my life and think. "What has she accomplished?" On the surface it seems like very little. Yet, I can honestly say I have created exactly what I believed I could create.

I look at my 10 year goals set in 2002 and realize I have met each one of them. I am still walking, I have written and published 3 books, (1 more than planned), I have discovered the tools for manifesting health in body and mind, and cleared my heart of the anger and resentment, opening life to a place of joy and gratitude no matter what is happening around me. My daughter has grown into a beautiful woman(inside and out) and I am grateful to those in this community who have assisted in meeting this goal, for I alone cannot take credit for her amazing character. It is true when we put the goals on paper, the Universe provides all the help we need to meet them. I have found the faith to accept that everything happens for a reason.  I have found the courage to offer these tools to others.

In retrospect, I should have set higher goals. There is so much more to be done. In review of my annual goals there are some not met. The decision now is, are they goals worth pursuing? What are the possibilities for the next 3 years, 5 and 10? I recently took a course and became certified in the Book of Life (Akashic Records) and have had a glimpse of what the Universe offers all of us. Though the world did not end as many believed would happen, a new phase began for the world. We moved into Aquarius and the Bronze Age, allowing us all to drop our materialistic way of life and begin living from the heart. We have the opportunities now to live from our greatest desires for community, family and friends, in fact for the whole planet. This age will present new challenges as we begin to take responsibility for what is happening around us and step into our integrity of what is right and wrong. It will become difficult to stand by and watch others be wronged, when we know we have the power to make it right. We will no longer accept face value of what is good for us, and begin to listen to our bodies and hearts, both of which tell us quite boldly what is best for us. We will step out of the selfish aspect of what is right for us as individuals and realize that when we put ourselves first, in terms of health and well-being, everyone around us benefits. When we choose love and acceptance of ourselves, loving others for who they are becomes easier.

As I begin training as a Life Force Coach, I see many more ways to assist others in finding their inner joy and well-being. Life is sacred, but do we understand the depth of what life is really offering? Why are we here becomes more than just about "me" and becomes more about "us". As you move into this New Age, take a deep breath, and think about the idea, that each person, breathes this same air, and what in truth is the air you breathe? We all live as vibration of energy. What vibration are you? What vibration exists around you? What vibration would you choose to be and have? This is something to think about as you set your goals for 2013.

I realize as I sit writing this, sniffling and coughing that I still have much to release. One of my goals will be to dig deeper into the understanding of the body/mind/heart connection and clear the vibration of toxic environments, foods, supplements and pharmeceuticals. I will pay more attention to what my heart is telling me, so my body does not have to be tired and ill. There is still so much to learn and to share with others. My goals for this coming year, will be around the opportunities to learn and share, with the hope of raising the vibration within and around me to a place of even greater unconditional love, gratitude and peace, which will lead to greater well-being for everyone.

Blessings to All in this New Age


  1. I just shared with a group of people the other day, that I personally feel myself moving out of 'me' mindset and into a more 'we' state of mind.

    Having had all things materialistic removed from my life has shown me the immense freedom in living from the heart not the pocket book. I more then welcome the new age in!

    Bring on the changes and at the speed of light please!!

    Great post Julie! Good luck in your new year and I hope all you raised goals are achieved and then some.

    1. Thank you Arial. May 2013 be a year of joy and inspiration.