Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rainbow Meditation

This picture gave me a place to sit and give thanks for the perfection of life. Find a place on the sand, sit down, feel your feet anchored into the earth, take a few really deep breaths and allow your body to fully relax. Let your eyes go a little out of focus so the colors of the rainbow expand and blur together over the sky. Let your heart open, as you breathe even more deeply and release all resistance to finding gratitude and peace. Give your troubles, worries and fear to the rainbow. Watch as the pain is absorbed and transformed by the colors and movement of the breeze as you sit there on this deserted beach. Know that you are not alone here. Feel the presence of something grand and glorious. Fill your being with a feeling of strength, joy, and appreciation for all you are and all you can be. Let the rainbow colors wash over you as you relax even more, noticing the tension release from your facial expression, your eyes soften, your shoulders become loose and limp.  Do not try to think of reasons to be grateful, do not force the feeling of joy, peace, love, abundance. In this moment simple be that. Simply be.......

Stay here as long as you like; come back whenever you like. Etch this picture in your mind so you can come here no matter where you are. Notice the froth of the waves brought on by stormy weather, the clouds, obscuring the sun for a time, and see how this reflection is your life. For even in times of sadness and sorrow, there is a gentle breeze coming, a rainbow bridge to better times, and promise of a shining sun reflecting the colors of life. Let the rainbow colors reflect the experiences you have, gently creating who you are - strong, glorious, loving, abundant.

When you are ready, stand up, give yourself a bit of a shake, stretch your arms high above your head, and release ........... You are now ready to face any part of your day, grateful, inspired, at peace.


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