Monday, December 30, 2013

It's All Energy

Everything is energy. I've known this for years. Color affects our moods, our health; it heals or it drains. This I have taught for years. And yet here I am again at the beginning, reminding myself of what I know to be true.

Energy is movement. We are movement. Our lives are movement and color. Movement and color are vibration reflecting who we are. How is it we find ourselves in a state of knowing who we are, yet in total contradiction, surround ourselves with that which is not us at all? Further more, why do we work so hard to change our core essence, our original vibration, when the original state is exactly who we were created to be? Full circle, back to "Don't Change For Heaven's Sake", living at the core of energy, the core of our existence.

How easily we choose clothes which drain our spirit, surround ourselves with colors that do not enliven our senses. We hear our soul calling but cannot answer back. We long for health and vitality, all the while living in opposition to our truth. We find a role model who seems to be what we would be, and begin to fashion ourselves in their image, not noticing we are masking our own truth.

We fall out of sync with our personal design, our homes the perfect decorating magazine or filled with clutter as we try to live with who we wish we were instead of who we really are. We keep those favored ornaments and pictures, given by friends and loved ones along the way. We cannot let them go for they are memories, how our friends and family have seen us through the years. So we hang on to their perception, afraid they would not love the soul we truly are. Amongst those trinkets we have placed our longing to be free and in the midst we find not truth, but mere acceptance of the mess we created in our journey, unable to release the past, and still hopeful for a future filled with bliss.

Such contradiction causes the storm within ourselves, and so without, mirrored in the fierce winter storms, tornados, hurricanes.  We see and feel the horror of this physical reflections, blaming nature and higher powers for our predicaments, yet never look within to stop the raging there. Energy pure and simple must be what it is, for it can be nothing else. Each of us must find balance within, so what is above, below and beside and can also balance itself out again.

And we would accept and cling to the physical pain, the emotional struggle, to hang on to what is not ours to keep. Our need to be the power goes so far that we would rather control than be well. If we admit we have been out of touch with ourselves, release the false beliefs, and return to our original energy state, how different would life be?

It is not that we are drained of energy, or out of vitality, for that can never be. That is all we are, that is all everything you see around you is - pure energy. It cannot be lost, only misdirected. It cannot be drained, only resisted. It can never be too much, only misunderstood. Each of is a unique energy system, and when we allow ourselves to be as we were created, accepting the energy we were given, and flow with the natural vibration as inspired within us, we find the depth and beauty of life. In balance we begin to balance the forces around us. In balance, we find our true desires, always there. Health, joy, love, peace, wealth, all in abundance.

This I write with hope and promise for 2014. As you set your goals and dreams for the coming year, ask not, "Who am I?" or "What is my path?"  Instead, know you are you, a perfect creation. Know your path is to live on this earth, integrating your unique energy with others to create a world of harmony, fulfilling the experiences as they arise, and trusting that each day will bring new opportunities to express the truth of your creation. In faith, know you are here for a reason, and the reason will be revealed, when you allow your energy to flow freely, without restriction of social programming, the latest fashion magazine, or the undue influence of others.

Decide today, to begin anew this coming year. Be you, the energy of you.

Many Blessings

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