Monday, November 23, 2015

Just For Today I Will Not Anger

"Just for today, I will not anger
 Just for today, I will not worry
 Just for today, I will be grateful
 Just for today, I will do my work honestly                  
 Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing"

Does this Prayer ask us to repress our feelings or pretend everything is okay when it feels no where near okay?

I don't believe it does. I think it asks us to look beyond what is happening in our external world and look within to see why we are experiencing the feelings in the moment. I think it is asking us to view the subtle difference between feelings (what is happening right now) and emotions which are the long held feelings we use to trigger our reactions in the present.

If we can for one minute believe there is nothing that can be taken from us, that no harm can come to us, that we are beings of light and love, held safely no matter where we are or what we are doing, then we can transcend the need for anger and worry.

Reiki asks us to be grateful, it asks us to honor our ancestors, our guides, our angels. Reiki invites us to heal our fears, the fears of others and in doing so ease our pain and suffering - mental, physical, emotional leaving us a place where we can live with the principles of Spirit and the Laws of the Universe.

Reiki offers us the opportunity to experience oneness with all things. When we operate from this place we are able to heal ourselves, which results in healing for our loved ones, animals, pets, plants, situations and people we have never met.

Anger is a good example of a fear based emotion that is dangerous to our planet, to our existence. Anger blocks energy, creates stagnation, and when held onto creates illness in both the giver and receiver. Many believe anger is justified and called for in certain circumstances, but one must only realize that we cannot end war with more war, more anger. It is the same whatever the situation is creating anger within you. You cannot win a battle with anger as it only blocks the solution from moving in to resolve whatever the issue is. If in the moment you begin to feel anger welling up inside you, you ask yourself what is the reason I am feeling this way, push forward with asking yourself if your reason is true, and holds a solution - do this until you find a true statement. See what is missing in your life. See what you feel is being threatened. Can anyone take away your true self? The answer is no. No matter what happens you will always be you. Anger only hides the light of you from others.

Some use anger as a manipulation to have what they want delivered in the way they expect - there by the quote, "Would you rather be right, or happy?" Life will only give us what is best for us if we let it. Sometimes what is right for us does not come in the way we would choose it to. Do not let this make you angry. Instead choose gratitude and move forward, in love. A cold shoulder and a shroud of anger leave no room for others to support you, no room for the apology you seek, no room for amends to be made.

Worry is much the same. It blocks the energy of a solution, blocks the window of opportunity, pushes resources away. Worry says I do not trust the Universe to assist me. Worry says, I am not safe, I am not protected, I am not cared for. Worry says you are separate from the Source that supplies all things. Worry says you have no faith, no trust. What you believe is what will be - a Universal Law. Worry, too will cause illness. Is illness worth the worry you give to things which you have no control?

If we will but wear this world lightly around our shoulders, without attachments to past events we will begin to see each scenario played out with new eyes, new feelings, new perceptions. Each time we let go of the past as a gauge of the present and future we open a new door for new experiences. When we hold feelings, creating emotions, we begin to live in a cyclical pattern which never changes and never ends. We can see the circle of our lives. Let go of the past and begin to see your world spiral, each time expanding and grower ever stronger.

With gratitude, as suggested in the prayer, you will begin to see your world in a whole new way, where anger and worry give way to love and forgiveness. From this place of appreciation new and wonderful events begin to happen and once again the spiral circles round, growing ever larger. Gratitude creates joy, joy creates love, love allows us to forgive rather than be angry. In this way the whole world is blessed by your presence. This is the epitome of Reiki - to allow yourself to become a blessing, a healer of the world.

Having let go of anger and worry, adopting gratitude you will find it easier to go out into the world as an authentic human being - perhaps not always saying or doing the perfect thing and the right time, but always from a heart space of truth and love. That is to do your work honestly. To do the work is to work on your inner plane, changing within what hurts you without. Always what is causing anger and worry is something from within, it has nothing to do with words said, or actions taken - these are only triggers. Working honestly is accepting your responsibility for everything going on in your life. There is no room for blame or vengeance.

In honesty and authenticity, kindness will come more easily but it is often the most difficult of the principles, because sometimes you may find yourself feeling like a doormat. This is not what this principle asks of you. There are times when you must speak up for yourself, or point out where others are hurting you, or perhaps hurting themselves. Speak from your heart and trust your words will be heard from the place of love you speak them. Some may take offense, become angry, walk away. You cannot help that - it is they who must work on their inner stuff or deal with your truth however it best suits them - continue to love them anyway.

Each of you will have your own perception of the principles. This is only my interpretation. As I work daily with Reiki, I delve more deeply into the principles. Experience is the best way to understand the words of the Prayer, remembering words never fully explain anything, they are always open to personal translation.

I share this because I am asked so often about anger and worry. May this post serve as a place where you can begin your own experience of the prayer.


  1. I agree with anger being from a place of fear. I believe we can choose our thoughts and feelings like we choose our clothes each day.

    However coming from a place of frozen from my feelings, anger was the catalyst that broke me open. Anger served a higher purpose and brought light to a situation that as painful as it was and as uncomfortable as it was to face needed to be addressed.

    This being said I see now, how that anger was causing me much more pain and suffering and it was threatening to destroy the other person.

    So now that I am broken open, I can choose love over fear and feel the pain instead of letting it manifest as anger. But until I was willing to let go, anger served it place. If someone is in the emotion of anger, which is more then a feeling. A feeling is passing in the moment. Feelings are your intiution speaking to you or thought invoked responses. Emotions are deeper seated feelings. If anger has become an emotion it is because the person is not willing to dig deeper. And for whatever reason may not be able to at the moment or may be trapped in.

    Reiki is a wonderful tool to learn, if a person is frozen in their feelings. It will facilitate that let go process and then one can adhere to the Reiki Crede.

    I agree Julie. We are all at some many different levels of feelings that the Crede need not be about fluff and bubble and pushing feelings aside. Its not saying ignore anger. Its saying reach in deeper and choose to feel the real pain underneath so you can walk in love again.

    1. Thank you for sharing how anger served a higher purpose.