Saturday, December 13, 2014

Victim or Victory?



Of course we think to ourselves the one pushing the rock down the hill will have more power behind them. They have the law of gravity on their side. We cannot see in this picture how big the person is who is pushing the rock, and really it is of little consequence. The young small person holding the rock back, you are thinking, will be crushed. What law of nature does he have on his side?
How often have you been in this situation? You feel like you are powerless and the rock and person pushing it are just to big and strong to stand against. You think of giving up and giving in. How many times have you been pushed this way, yet found your own inner power to push back and survive?
I was thinking this morning of personal power; it's use and abuse in our daily lives. This picture created the vision of what it is like to be in circumstances seemingly beyond our control because there are people who would abuse their power, pushing against us as though wanting to crush our spirit. Are they truly powerful people? Can they, even with the power of influence on their side, crush anyone who stands in their path? They seem to think so. Somehow in their perception they justify their reasons for pushing that rock. They feel a sense of power in winning a battle, that was of their own choosing. They create the circumstance and drama in which to beat down one who appears to be a threat to their power or status. If a rock is not available they will simply "pull the rug out" from beneath you, leaving confusion and disappointment in their wake, while they feel the surge of adrenalin that comes from winning a mighty battle. Are they really so powerful? Have they won any great prize?
I look at so many such circumstances, where one has to create a victim, in order to feel worthy in their own lives. How sad and pathetic it is.
If you had to choose, which would you be? The person pushing the rock, the rock, or the one who is pushing back to hold on to their own life? Many would rather be the one on the other side of the rock. It seems easier doesn't it? But is it? It certainly appears safer in the moment. The truth is we all have the choice, and many of us have been all three during the course of our lifetime. Sometimes we have not even been aware of the consequence of our choices, we have unknowingly bought into a drama or scenario, that causes us to take on one of the roles. But if you could be aware of all your actions, words, and decisions, which would you choose?
Though at times I get tired of pushing back against the boulders of life, it is my choice. When I look upon the would be victims of this world, I see the strength of mankind, a much more powerful law than the law of gravity. Strength to keep holding on each day is far greater than the strength it takes to roll a rock downhill. If you saw the young person in the picture as a victim you are wrong. Those who are kicked when they are down, are not a victim at all. Society only makes it so. Society justifies it as victimhood so they can feel the power of their own influence; so they can feel powerful. In actuality those who use their position in life to crush others are the victims, they are the ones we should pity. How sad their guilty triumphs must be when looking back on their life at the end of time.
For those who see themselves as the victim, as you stand holding back the rock, wanting to just let go and be crushed, I say, keep pushing. You are always stronger than the obstacles you face and you have the power of the Universe behind you. Feel your power as you see the threat against you. No one can take from you your most valuable asset, your self-worth, and you are much more worthy than the one pushing or the rock itself. Your integrity to keep going, is much more valuable to the world, than the influence of those who push. Continue to stand in your truth for you can be trusted. Hold fast to your belief in yourself for you will know authentic success. Forgive those who torment you, for they are the ones to be pitied. Stand with your head held high, knowing you there is no force in this life that can hold you back from your dreams and desires. Stand up for yourself against these would be bullies, not with brute force, but with compassion for the pain they must be feeling. You will find yourself at the top of the hill, looking down at the pile of boulders pushed your way, and know the true power of survival. And in the moment you can feel the triumph of being a true winner, a champion of life.

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