Sunday, January 31, 2016

Reiki As A Way Of Life

With every class I hold and every session I do, I feel the depth and breadth of Reiki flowing in our Universe.

It is difficult to put into words the experience of Reiki, yet so many ask how this modality is different from other Energy Medicine. I feel at times I am being asked to rate it, as better than another form, or on a scale of 1 - 10. This is not possible, at least not for me. I am not a "Reiki Snob" who believes this path is better than another. I will not get into a discussion such as those who herald their religion as the one and only or better than another. I will however attempt to give some idea to those who ask, what Reiki has done for me.

Reiki (as I experience it) is not a religion or a spiritual path per se, rather I see it as a protected, sacred way of being aware of who we are. It teaches us to let go, to allow the Universe to provide the best possible scenarios for our life. When we tune into this Sacred Art, we give permission for the Divine to take control, and relieve our ego of what it believes is it's responsibility. This idea of giving up control is scary for many, but through the process of attunements, we begin to see how much we are loved and protected when we allow a greater power to take the reins and steer us in the right direction. The principles are a way of life, not an in the moment kind of healing tool.

A friend can attest to the difference in my healing energy before and after Reiki Attunements. You see, we all run energy and with a right intention can create amazing change in our health and in our world. Energy is moved even without our thinking about it. Before attunements healing efforts using energy were sporadic and unpredictable.  After the attunements, there was less of me (the ego) and more of Spirit flowing through, creating change to a place of Divine Transmission. Spirit has a way of knowing what is really needed, the ego only believes it knows what is best for another.

We live in a vibrational world - a world of light and sound. We are composed of this light and sound so whenever we make a conscious attempt to create a specific change it will correspondingly adapt to our new vibration. It will also adapt to the vibration around us if we do not know how to protect our fields of energy which are put in place to protect us. Reiki teaches us how to keep these energy fields clear. Knowledge of Chakras is beneficial for this as well whether or not one is Reiki Attuned. When we protect our energy field there is less ability for the toxic energies around us to influence our health and happiness.

The symbols of Reiki help us to maintain our focus. These symbols are not a cure for anything, but symbols are energy and the direction and intention of moving energy in the way of the symbols help to protect us, protect those we are healing, as well as change the flow of energy for the benefit of all.

Most people who have been attuned find their house plants, gardens, pets and circumstances also become more aligned for a higher purpose. Plants, animals, family members and friends notice a higher rate of health and happiness. Those attuned will find they are able to better communicate with guides, angels and Universal Helpers. Some find they can see the auric or energy fields around people and things, thus being better able to serve others. Those attuned often find heightened intuition.

Will becoming Reiki attuned give you the ability to win lotteries or become rich overnight? Probably not. Reiki is not a tool which allows manipulation of events or people. It does however with sacred intention bring about the highest good for all in every situation where Reiki is allowed to flow. It will never permit a practitioner to use the practice for harm to anyone or anything. Reiki is Sacred and is the flow of Divine Energy. Spirit does not know or understand harm, hate, vengeance, anger, or spite and therefore cannot be used for such vices.

I hear people who have been attuned speak of turning this energy on and off. My experience is that you cannot do this. Once attuned Reiki just flows all the time. You can however let the ego override, which so many of us do with ease. When you lose sight of the sacred, the ego can still step in and take over a healing session, or manipulate a series of events. That is why I always caution people to get to know their practitioner before accepting healing work with them. It is important to know your healing is in your hands, in partnership with the Divine within and without.

Practitioners do not always seem as though Spirit is working in their favor. You will still see them struggle with day to day worries and concerns. They may still struggle financially or have their own health problems. Normally what you do notice though, is they move through these seeming struggles in a more peaceful state than those not attuned or at least familiar with how they are moving energy in their lives.

Often practitioners have even greater struggles. This is simply an indication they have agreed to overcome some pretty major lessons in this life time. Most recognize they are being given gifts, strengthening their ability to stay in trust and faith, knowing they are not only learning, but also teaching others, through their struggle. Just as Jesus met with deep pain and sacrifice for his love of God, so do practitioners meet with major events which test their faith, while giving faith to others.

Reiki helps us to turn inward when times are tough so we can see the bigger picture. With Reiki we can still our minds and open our hearts, knowing what is happening externally is just a reflection of beliefs we need to clear and heal. Through love, and the use of symbols we can ground and balance in order to stay above the debilitating sorrow that comes to many in times of trouble.

Reiki does not make us less human. It does however make us more humble as we realize we do nothing without Spirit. We are merely expressions and conduits for Divine Interaction and Intervention. We, of ourselves, do nothing, but all things can be done through us, if we are willing to let go of the ego, putting the best interest of all first and foremost in our hearts and minds.

The attunements were the difference for me, though I cannot explain why. Perhaps it gives an official feeling to the studies; perhaps the symbols do forever change the energy flow around us, or perhaps having the attunements ignites our own sacred, divine self so we are willing to step out of the way and let life flow as it will for our best interest. Each person you talk to will give a different viewpoint of Reiki and the attunements. Few will ever say it harmed them in any way.

Most of all I want to note, there is no reason to fear those who practice Reiki. They have no special power to harm you. They are not super beings with super powers. They are people who choose to put love, peace, health and prosperity first and foremost into life - both yours and theirs.

For those attuned I hope reading this article helps you to recognize the sacred gift you hold. To those considering attunements I hope this helps you make a decision for a more peaceful life where you begin to recognize the small and major blessings as miracles of life. For those who are just curious or have been afraid up till now, I hope you have a better understanding and less fear.

I know I will always be grateful for having stumbled onto this sacred gift. I give thanks to a very special person who began my journey into a broader perspective of life so I could be guided to have this gift bestowed upon me. Had it not been for learning the Chakras, Wicca, Shamanism, and Angels I would not be the person I am today, with many human faults yet to overcome, but happy for no reason, because I know nothing which is mine to hold can ever be taken, and all I wish to receive will be given to me through my giving to others.

Our paths to Reiki will differ. Our experiences of Reiki will be varied. One thing is constant with or without training, energy will flow in our lives. We have the choice to be aware and use tools to harness the energy for good or remain asleep, falling prey to the external energy around us.

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