Monday, February 15, 2016

Clearing Toxic Energy (Meditation Included)

I have spent the past couple of days, thinking and meditating about the number of us who are feeling the stress of being with other people right now. We find we are coming home exhausted, feeling fearful, worried, anxious and unsettled. Deep in our being we know this is not our energy, for when we sit in silence we feel the joy and hope still bubbling up from within.

We are the empaths of the world, sensitive to the energy around us, feeling other people's feelings, and being drawn into the drama and chaos of our external world, all the while knowing this is not the truth of our being.

There are several ways to clear this energy and ways to protect ourselves from it, but for many these long held rituals of self-care are not working as well as they used to. So what is going on?

A sleepless night brought me the following insights, which I will share for your contemplation.

Perhaps the usual bubble is being penetrated because the energy is too strong from the collective consciousness. We can amp up this bubble of light using mirrors to deflect the energy back.

The answer I got for this is we need to be diligent in removing and clearing the bubble at the end of each day, stepping into the shower and clearing all energy which has penetrated the bubble. See it being washed down the drain with the water. I also like to use an Epsom and Himalayan salt mixture in bath water to clear toxins from my energy field and from my body. I do this on a weekly basis, no matter what exposure I have had to sadness or fear.

If we use mirrors we may only be amplifying the chaos, anger, fear and anxiety, rather than defusing it. If we are to be Lightworkers, our focus is to bring healing, not create more harm. So this did not feel good for me, though I will continue to use it where vicious or malicious intent is present in interaction with others.

I was asked to consider how much is what I am picking up on, others energy or small remnants of toxic energy still belonging to me. Is it possible that we are still only picking up on energy we have not fully cleared from ourselves. Remember we are One. What we see in the world is a reflection of our beliefs. Now, I know for the most part we have done our work, cleared up the "crap", but what is still lurking in the shadows? Are we being asked to move deeper into our being and clean up the last dregs of guilt, shame, remorse, vengeance, jealousy? Is there still a part of us feeling lack?

I am called to return to Ho'oponopono where we use the word (directed toward ourselves) for that which we feel another has done to us, or made us feel badly. The words are "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you." You can read more about it by clicking on the previous link. Here is an example from my session last night.
"Please forgive me. Please forgive me for these thoughts of lack lurking in the shadows of beingness. Please forgive me for any time I have hurt another without intention." "I am sorry. I am sorry for any time I have made another feel threatened or intimidated in my presence. I am sorry for those times when I have had malicious or vengeful thoughts against another." I am sorry, please forgive me for feeling like others will get more than I." "Please forgive me. " "I love you. I love you for your kind and gentle ways. I love you for your generous nature and the way you choose to see the good in all things." I love you. You are divine love and light." "Thank you. Thank you for being strong when all things seem to be out of alignment." "Thank you for caring about the earth and the world" "I love you. Thank you."
Read the information on the link and then just begin with the phrase, allowing anything to come up for you. This should not be a script, but simply spoken from the heart. Think of what you are sensing from others, and then clear yourself of these same emotions. When we heal ourselves, we bring healing to a thousand others. If you need help with this let me know.

Keeping yourself grounded and connected to Source will also help you remain strong in the face our current economy and chaotic world. Send love outward as often as possible and spend time in meditation for love on our planet and in our Universe.

For those who have taken Reiki I, use the 21 day healing program faithfully and then as needed. For those who have not taken a Reiki class, simply place your right hand over your heart and following your breath, send loving energy toward yourself. Even a few minutes of this can be beneficial.

Smudge yourself and your home, even the workplace if you will not be ridiculed or questioned.

Call upon Saturn Energy to clear you of toxins and toxic beliefs you may be carrying.

Most of all, love yourself, no matter how others around you are feeling. Do not feel the need to engage in less than inspiring, upbeat, supportive conversations.

Get as much sunlight and fresh air as you can.

Be thankful of everything good in your life and in each moment. Become aware that the ground you walk on is Holy Ground, created for your pleasure.

For a guided meditation for grounding and clearing click the link below

I hope this brings peace to your heart and into your part of the world. Know you are blessed and you are a blessing.

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