Monday, January 2, 2017

Julie's Heaven 2017

2016 was a rough year for many of us, most of us in fact. I leave that behind now, inspired to create a New Year, a New Way of Being. The energies of the number 1 allow us to begin again, to adjust what has not been working and move into greater Universal Alignment. Spirit is calling on us to be aware, open and courageous enough to feel, speak and act from our truth.
Julie's Heaven is moving into alignment, with some price adjustments to allow more people to access the services provided. New services will be offered, aligning with greater relaxation, increased joy, enhancing your success factor. Without Joy we cannot know health, prosperity or peace. So moving forward Joy is the intention I hold for all of you.
The feather on the Logo represents Air - As we breathe in we allow Spirit to enter, as we breathe out we send our intentions, thoughts and feelings out into the world. I ask you to become aware of what you are breathing into life in each inhale and exhale you take.
Classes will center around this awareness, inviting all who wish to be a part of creating Joy to enter into partnership with other like minded hearts within the community and the region. We are not broken or in need of fixing - we are in need of more fun, relaxation, trust and fellowship.
A New Moon Circle will be held on or near the New Moon Phase and will be a setting for creating intentions, giving thanks and supporting each other in creating a world we want to live in. There will be ceremony, blessings, and fun stuff to do. Consider joining in, learning more about setting Intentions, Angels of Support, Goddess Energy, and finding Inner Happiness. If you would like to be notified of this, please contact me at or send me a message on Facebook.
For those who need more support, Julie's Heaven will offer programs on a retainer basis, giving you more access than just a one off or weekly session which generally is not enough for some. Contact me with your needs and we will work out a program for you.

As I return to my more creative side, I will be offering Customized Essential Oil Blends. Let me know what support you need and I will create a specific blend suitable to the support you need.
Over the past few months I have come to own my identity as an Exploratory Mystic, not willing to settle for any status quo, wanting to know more and share more. I will continue to look for easier, joy filled ways to bring health and healing into the world, more ways to be at peace, to know prosperity, to feel fulfilled. The answers are within all of us, if we will open our hearts to hear the messages given to us in each moment of joy and despair.
I am so grateful for everyone in my life, so grateful for the lessons learned, so grateful to know we all have the power and abilities to create our lives, any way we choose. Choice is always the key. Though there are times when we feel helpless, we are never that. When life seems hopeless, we need only turn the page to find hope. When faced with what seems an unsurmountable obstacle, let Joy guide you through whatever lesson is there for you, or for those you love. In Joy all things are possible.
I reach out to all of you - asking what products, services, classes, support would help you to live in Joy. As I restock the store, your input will be invaluable.
Together we can make 2017 a Miraculous, Magical Year.

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