Sunday, June 3, 2012

Is Your Mind Telling You The Truth?

Connect Mind & Heart Through the Chakras
& Heal All Aspects of Your Life

So much of what happens in our life seems beyond our control. Our minds are filled with constant chatter, most of which is not self-supportive, and in fact is often destroying the joy and peace we seek. We find ourselves feeling unhappy, depressed, angry, vindictive, hopeless, and yet we are not sure why. Our health and vitality reflect these thoughts and feelings, as we struggle with chronic pain, lack of energy, constant colds, allergies, and other maladies. Our relationships are not fulfilling. Our careers, or lack of satisfying work, bring us into an even deeper level of hopelessness.

Do you long to live in peace, energy, vitality, finding joy in each day? Are you tired of  racing thoughts interfering with your ability to truly connect to what is important to you? Do you often feel your thoughts and feelings are not real, that they do not belong to you?

What if you could filter the thoughts and emotions to create more joy, love, peace, health and wealth in your life? What if you could heal yourself just by clearing self-defeating beliefs and replacing them with vital, life enhancing beliefs?   YOU CAN!!

Is Your Mind Telling You the Truth? offers practical solutions to unwanted stress, goal setting, belief clearing, taking you step by step through a process of renewed health in all areas of your life, from physical health to relationships and wealth.

As you work through the energy centers of the body, insight will be provided showing you many of your thoughts and feelings don't even belong to you - you are simply picking up on others around you, or living on auto-pilot based on the beliefs of those who raised you or were a part of your childhood community.

There is no blame on anyone for the life you are living now, but if you wish things could be different you owe it to yourself to read this book and begin to create the life you choose to live. You are the power of transformation. You have the right and power to heal yourself. You have the ability to make different choices.

There are very few overnight solutions to the years of programming you are now living. However following the outline and process in this book will bring you out of the rut you are in now, and over the course of 8 weeks you will see your life's many possiblities.

Until June 15th you can receive a free PDF of Is Your Mind Telling You the Truth?, by emailing me at (put Is Your Mind in the subject line) At the time the book is sent you I will also offer you a special discount for guidance through the process over the course of 8 weeks. (There is no obligation to take this offer.) For many the book itself will be enough, others may wish to have support - the choice is yours.

My reason for offering the book is somewhat selfish - The more people in the world who are happy and healthy, creates a better atmosphere and environment for ALL, including me. It is my goal to see joy, health, love and prosperity everywhere I look, and know it is REAL, not just a front to meet the social levels of acceptance.

I know this gift to you will return to me in many ways, so in this way there is an exchange of energy. As you become more of who you were meant to be, I too will be more free to be me.

Order you copy today, so you don't miss the opportunity it brings.

Many Blessings

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