Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Look Forward to New Beginnings - Each Day is a New Start

This full moon is about endings and new beginnings. I was grateful to discover that this morning, as I listened to the birds and watched the sun come up.

There has been so much change going on this past month and I found myself asking quite often, "Is my mind telling me the truth?" When rapid change takes place, it is easy to get caught up in the "What did I do to deserve this?" and dwell on the worry of, "What will I do now?"

Taking each day, one day at a time, each change one step at a time, I have found myself simply surrendering to the process. Yet, even in surrender I found myself wondering about the purpose and why I was creating these ripples on the pond of my peaceful existance. I even found myself reading "Don't Change For Heaven's Sake" in an effort to stay centered, allowing external change, without getting involved in the drama.

As I read the article about this particular full moon, I realized the change in my life and of so many around me, is simply part of a bigger picture. When we allow ourselves to stay in a rut, not moving with the flow of life, earth's energy makes the shift for us. We can either resist, fight, hold on tightly to our security or we can let go and move with the energy, in faith what is ahead is brighter, more challenging, and exciting.

Once again I am reminded when we do not let external change affect our feelings of joy, love, gratitude and peace, we can ride the wave without fear or worry. Deep within we know All is Well and what is leaving will be replaced with something much more beautiful. It gives hope and enthusiasm to the adventure.

Ahhh ... With this thought I can say, my mind was lying to me again - There is nothing wrong, only something new coming. Nothing is broken, nothing needs to be fixed.

How do you handle change? Do you hold on to what is, in fear of what might be? What are your thoughts doing to encourage and support you?

We cannot control our external circumstances, but we always have a choice about how we feel and what we think.  In the midst of change stay true to your peaceful center, don't let the ripples become huge waves, allow yourself to simply trust. In trust you will find all the security you need.

Today I choose to see and feel the sun shining in my life and affairs.How about you?

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