Monday, June 11, 2012

When & Where Did We Learn to Be Angry??

Where and when did we learn that anger solved our problems or fixed mistakes?

This morning I was working at my computer, which began acting up - not being as fast as I wanted, freezing up and just generally being annoying. At first I was patient, just allowing the process, then it came to my mind, "I should be angry."

Even as I thought the words, I was asking myself why I would want to change the peaceful setting of birds singing and the sun rising. The truth was, I didn't want to be angry, but my mind was telling me that was the appropriate response. How many times do we listen to our minds, instead of to our hearts. This morning I chose to listen to the birds, to forgive my computer for being old and slow (I may soon need this compassion myself LOL) and to stay in a place of peace. But, I found myself wondering when and where I learned this response and why did it take me so long to realize, anger was a built in response not necessarily the truth of what should be.

Once again, I ask "Is Your Mind Telling You the Truth?" The answer was no.

Instead of being angry, I simply took a breath, sent gratitude for all the work my computer puts through each day, powered it down, and took time for coffee and pleasure in the cool breeze from my window and the rising sun. Now, back on my computer, I write this article, sharing my thought for the day.

Is anger the best solution to any problem or are there other ways and feelings that would create an even better solution? In fact, I ask myself, "Was there ever a problem or was the situation just life giving me an opportunity to find pleasure in the midst of my morning tasks?" "How often are problems just a curve to give us time to breathe and think?"

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