Sunday, January 19, 2014

Honoring Creation

I have studied and practiced energy healing with many exceptional teachers - Louise Hay, Deborah King, Donna Eden, John Randolph Price, Catherine Ponder. Marianne Williamson led me to "A Course In Miracles", nearly 20 years ago. Doreen Virtue showed me how to employ the angels I had so long believed in, but did not know how to properly address them or listen for their messages.

I am blessed to have been able to heal and remain reasonably healthy using the guidance of these angels and teachers, along with the assistance of natural practitioners when required. I see and feel the importance of their teachings at this time. The one thing they all have in common is that we are each our own healer, we all have the power to choose health. They also concur that we create our lives each day through our thoughts, prayers and intentions. It is time to stop looking for external sources to make us happy, healthy and wealthy. That is not to say you should never go to a doctor or financial expert, but instead of blindly following trends and treatments, begin to use your inner resources. Open your mind to the possibility that all you desire is yours if you will only turn your mind in the direction of what you want, rather than noticing it does not exist at this moment.

When I started this work over twenty years ago, I was desperate. I was also quite skeptical. The one thread holding all of it together was my belief in a power greater than myself, and so I began my journey holding faith and trust in that power. I also had a strong affiliation with Jesus, but to be honest I did not know how to access his healing power until I read the work of John Randolph Price. We have so much help, so much love, so much strength waiting to lift us up when we are ready. As I have written in many previous posts everything is energy. Our assistance comes to us in the form of energy, often in the guise of past mythical and mystical beings. Help comes in our dreams, and in the form of "earth angels" (people in this physical plane) created to link energy between heaven and earth. They are here as teachers, friends, guides and conduits of healing.

So often I am asked, "What if I do not believe in God, Jesus or a Higher Power?, Will the energy still work?" The answer is yes. Just begin the work and the power within you will take care of the rest. Teachers, books, miracles will show up in your life, showing you the next step. As you begin to affirm your wellness, peace, joy, prosperity, all will manifest in Divine Timing according to the faith you are prepared to exercise.

At first it may feel you are going backwards, as many things begin to fall away from you - possessions, friends, loved ones, stagnating beliefs, and even your health. Hold strong and continue to have trust in the process. What is happening is merely a cleansing of your soul, making room for new thoughts, beliefs and desires, congruent with your life purpose. Just as we cannot continue to fill our homes with old newspapers, magazines, case lots of food, more furniture, toys, and other "stuff", we cannot fill ourselves before clearing out the old.  The beginning process is house cleaning; a time to learn forgiveness, self-nurturance, and self-love.

Only from this place of acceptance and love can you begin to heal. This includes the healing of relationships and debt, as well as health. All can be made right, simply by choosing to move from a place of lack to a place of abundance. This choice must begin with you letting go of old grievances, old guilt, old anger. Release past pain, and heart-ache. It was important for you to have had experiences that caused deep feelings, but the importance was in processing and forgiving each event. You were never meant to hold on to the sludge that you have created in reliving the situation everyday, since the day of it's occurrence. You were never intended to create beliefs of "I can't", or "I deserve bad things". You were meant, with each experience, to expand compassion, to learn non-judgement and to pull from the depths of your soul, the ability to move forward, stronger and more determined.

From old experiences we become people-pleasers, not wanting to hurt another as we have been hurt, or hoping if we can make others happy, they will not hurt us, as we have been hurt in the past. We learn as little children, that we must sacrifice in order to have something good in our lives. What we need to see is what we give up for something better is not a loss. It is just growth and expansion. We do not create something disastrous for others because we create something wonderful for ourselves, unless we choose to gain by causing another to lose.

All the Creative Energy (God) asks of us is to put our focus on love, faith, trust, and to believe in our power to create as "It" created. I realized that striving for anything less than perfect health, happiness, peace and prosperity was an insult to the Energy that created me. In honoring Creation, one must choose growth and expansion, in love and compassion, for that is how we in fact came to be in this world. Creative Energy called man forth for the experience of the same beauty we see in nature, but trees and flowers, pretty as they are, were not created to think, we were. We were given dominion over this world because we were given the power of thought, action, word and quite frankly the same power of creation as our own creator. Holding back that power is to create injustice in the world. We were given tools to protect, grow and nurture. If you are unsure of how to set intentions, or create affirmations, in the name of your Creator, begin simply with "Thy Will be done" until the Will begins to show up in your daily life.

Are you ready to do your part in creating the world as our Original Creator intended it to be? Begin today starting with your personal creation of miracles and awesomeness, then allow your experiences to touch the lives of those around you.  You do not serve the world playing small, sick or insignificant. What is the lesson your lack is encouraging to learn? Step up to the challenge life is throwing you in this moment. Choose to experience health, joy, love, peace and prosperity because that is your exchange of energy with Original Creation. And so the energy of creation continues.......

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